March 2013

Engineers' Week - Senior Knex Final

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Junior Infants try their hand at Painting

Mr. Gough's boys paint rainbows above crocks of gold for St. Patrick's Day.

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First Classes Meet the Park Ranger

The two first classes went to Bushy on Thursday for a nature walk with Tom, the park ranger. The occasion was National Tree Week.

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Swimming Squad Goes West

Best of luck to Shane, Ronan, Sean and Conor (absent from photo) who represent St. Pius in the All Ireland swimming championships this weekend in Galway.

Pius Swimming Squad Finallists

Stan and Laurel Larry

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Stan, our resident pianist, with a medley of medals from competitions over the weekend.

Larry O'Loughlin, author of 'The Yuckee Prince' (amongst others) spoke to the boys about the writing process. His writing workshop gave some tips to the boys for story writing and poetry. They really enjoyed the talk.

Engineering Week in St. Pius (1)

As part of engineers' week, all senior classes have been involved in the KNEX challenge. The boys have been extremely creative and have made some marvellous machines.

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Engineering Week in St. Pius (2)

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Conor and Liam with their truck - joint winners

Michael and Sean and their truck - joint winners

Malachy and Eoghan

Jack and Clayton

Fionn and Ronan

Josh and David

Oisín and Tom

Classroom shot

My Mum's a Rocket Scientist!

Seán William's Mam, Donna,an Avionic engineer, called to our class on Friday for Engineers Week to tell us about her job. Her talk was very interesting and informative and the boys really enjoyed it. Here are a few accounts of the talk:

Today an engineer (Seán's Mam) visited our class to tell us about her job. She is an Avionic Engineer. Her job was to check all the electric stuff on the airplane. They have a, b, c and d checks. The d check is when they take everything off the plane and check it. They do it in Winter when the plane is not too busy. They use a gyroscope to balance the plane. We also got to ask her questions. My question was "What was the hardest job you had to do?" She said there were a few hard jobs. I researched Civil Engineering so it was quite different from her job. I really enjoyed the talk, thanks Donna!
By Oisin McMahon

Today my Mam, an engineer, visited our class to tell us about her job. She was an avionic engineer. Her job is to check the airplanes. She tested the airplane and said it was really scary! She had to fix a light and connect wires to each other and fix them when they didnít work. She gave us great information about the fuel or how to fix something. We also got to ask her questions. Some of the questions were really good. My project was on avionic engineering, the same as my Mam's job. I would like to work as a mechanical engineer when I grow up. I want to be a motor mechanic because it looks fun and you could work on cool cars.
By Seán Williams

Swimming Triumph

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Conor made a splash at the swimming gala, winning five medals and setting a new U8 butterfly record in the process.

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Engineers' Week

Ms. O'Neill's boys made bridges from pasta. They had a competition to see who could make the strongest bridge using 40 strands of pasta.

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Juniors Hit the Park

Ms. Devenney's boys explored Bushy Park today . . . trees, swans, budding daffodils, no stone left unturned!

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It really was THAT BIG!!!

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What a catch by Keith in Mr. Dillon's class (and he got his name in the paper) for catching this huge pike in the Mullingar lakes.

Senior Infants Display Art

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Ms. McLoughlin's little sunflowers