January 2014

Deutsche in der Schule für unsere Wunderkinder

Boys in 6th class are enjoying a 6 week crash course in German. Transition year boys from Templeogue College are behind the initiative and the signals so far are very encouraging.

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Leinster Rugby Players Pay a Visit

The senior boys got a close up look at 3 rugby trophies on Friday: the Amlin Cup, the Rabo Direct Pro 12 and the British and Irish cup.

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Those Magnificent Men . . .

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Ms. Purcell's 4th class boys welcomed Laura Thornton, to their classroom on Friday. Laura, a lecturer in Visual Arts from the Froebel Department in NUI Maynooth, will be working with the boys over the next few weeks on a construction project. The boys had great fun converting 2D shapes to 3D shapes without using tape or glue or scissors. Follow their progress over the next few weeks as they design and construct 'Magnificent Flying Machines.'

Pius Swim Team

On Saturday the 11th of January our school competed . . .

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Leinster Minor Swimming Championships

Saint VDP Christmas Collection

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Our pre Christmas carols in the yard collected €604.20 for the Saint Vincent de Paul. Many thanks.


The chess final could not have been closer. Dylan pulled ahead, winning the first game and putting the pressure on Morgan. Morgan was up to the task and drew level by winning the second game. It all came down to the third match which was a real nail-biter. The lads must have been giving their moves a lot of thought because the clock ran out. They had to be separated on points and Morgan was deemed the winner by the narrowest margin.
Also pictured are the intermediate finalists, Adam and John.

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It's a Chocolate Fountain

Marie lent her chocolate fountain to Ms. O'Neill for a last day treat. The boys drizzled chocolate over fresh strawberries and marshmallows and digestives. (They must have heard that the price of chocolate is set to rocket over the next few years!) Needless to remark there were 28 chocolaty faces when all was done.
Glad I wasn't on washing up duty!!!

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Remember the 70s arcade game called 'Invaders' . . ? Little fellows who'd creep up your screen. Well, fellows in Ms. O'Neill's fourth class have been planting these sneaky little guys in the unlikeliest of places. We have it on good authority that they are following the example of the French urban street artist named 'Invader' who has been doing the same thing on a grander scale. How many invaders have you spotted?
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