October 2014

Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Adam and Max of 5th class put their procedural writing skills to practice last week by writing a step by step recipe for a chocolate biscuit cake. They invited friends John and Daniel to put it to the test in the kitchen. After the cake was set, they enjoyed a well deserved tea party with games to celebrate their new found baking talents. Well done boys!

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National Tree Day

To celebrate National Tree day recently the boys from first class strolled to Bushy Park where they identified some native trees in all their Autumn glory. A trip to the park would not be complete without a visit to the playground!

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Ms. Beatty's Boys Put Pen to Paper

One dark Hallowe'en night, Joe went out trick or treating. He saw a strange empty house. A bright glow called him in! He took a risk and tiptoed in feeling very scared. Suddenly the door slammed! Something black ran across the floor! He saw a little black cat with bright eyes!
What a lucky escape!

Junior White Team

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Pictured are the Junior White Team after their final game in Bushy Park yesterday. The team, where 3rd class boys are very much in the majority, has had a great season with huge performances against teams with much older players.

Weather Boys

The boys in Ms. Carroll's class have been learning about the weather. They worked in groups to create projects on what they have learned.

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Cuairt ar an bPáirc

Ms. Carroll's boys went on a science and nature walk to Bushy Park. They collected lots of autumn leaves and conducted a tree study

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