November 2014

GoPro Camera Helmet

Ever wonder what it's like to be a hurler . . .? Mr. Coughlan got his hands on a minicam and placed it on one of the boy's helmets during training. Wow!! Take a look . . .

Panto Time

Boys (first to fourth) enjoy performance of Aladdin in the school hall.

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Carollers Turn on Lights

Great celebrations in Templeogue Village on Sunday evening when the Christmas lights were turned on to the dulcet tones of the St. Pius Choir.

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Badminton Champ

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Luke in fifth class proudly showing his badminton medal.

Puppet-Tree Puppetry

Ms. Smith's boys have been having a swell time, making sock puppets and taking a nature walk in Bushy Park

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Authors to Look Out For

David, Lucas and Max, our very own authors, approached story-writing in a unique way. Using lego, they built 3 scenes for a beginning, a middle and an end. Even though the same Lego set was used for each student, they all came out with completely different plots, settings and characters. David told us the story of a heroic working dog who busted a bank robbery, while Lucas wrote about a family feud involving a nasty twin brother while Max wrote about a space station set in the future. Lucas shared his thoughts on how using Lego can be a great resource for story writing:

I enjoyed using Lego for my story because I like when people are able to see what I picture the characters to look like. It was also fun because it had an influence on my story because I find it hard to make a character or story up off the top of my head. There was a limited amount of Lego, so it was easier to come up with an idea for the story.

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Power Maths

Our school's successful station teaching approach to Literacy has now been extended to the area of Numeracy. 1st and 2nd classes have been taking part in our "Power Maths" experience, with a particular focus this term on the area of Fractions. Pupils use concrete materials, paper, games and the Interactive Whiteboard at the various stations which encourage a discovery-based, interactive learning experience. It is hoped this initiative will achieve the same improvement in numeracy levels as its sister Literacy programme did last year. Huge thanks are due in no small part to Mr. Ryan, who as our Numeracy Coordinator helped organise the initiative, develop its resources and liaise with the SEN team and class teachers.

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Hyacinths and Tulips

If you haven't yet planted your tulips for springtime, you'll need to get a move on. Tulips and hyacinths like to be in the soil before the end of November. Ms. Corcoran's boys were in plenty of time, planting bulbs in the patio garden and ensuring we'll have a bountiful display come the spring.

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Rugby Boys

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My name is Adam and I play rugby for Terenure. My classmate Max also plays on my team. On the 29th of November there is a Leinster vs. Ospreys rugby match. It is taking place in the R.D.S. and Max and I have been chosen to play with just sixteen other players. For me it's a big honour to be chosen to play and it also means that I get to watch the whole match with my teammates.

Winter Wonderland

Our Winter Wonderland scene completed by boys from all classes of our school. Pictured with the scene are boys from 3rd class who did some of the work: Ross, David, Donal and Conor.

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Rockbrook Inter-School Soccer Tournament

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Winners of the 3rd and 4th class cup, hosted by Rockbrook College on Saturday, were St. Pius:
Back Row - Cuán, Michael, Jude and Daniel
Front Row - Conor, Evan, Dan & Kian

Snippets from Friday's Science Display

Listen to our fourth class science boffins explain their projects to the sixth class boys. Make sure the sound is turned on.

Science Week 2014

Super demos from the boys in Mr. Smith's fourth class. The Intel judges, Mr. Niall Moore and Mr. Rory Denvir were most impressed with the very high standard and had great difficulty in choosing winners:
First Place: Kian Reddy, Lucas Weber, Erwin Kinsella & Darragh Sutcliffe for their project on "Snails".
Second Place: Thomas McFeeney-izart, Sean boylan, Cillian Byrne & Ciaran Sarsfield for their project on "Nano Technology"
Let's not forget our science academic, Ms. Sinéad Lally, for her sound advice and guidance.

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Tales of Terror

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Mr. Réamonn's boys compiled a book of stories and pictures - everything created by their own fair hands. It's a wonderful production and a terrific record of their narrative writing skills (and artistic prowess) in the horror genre. Eoghan, Ronan, Max, Ross and Sean are shown in the photo. They represented the entire class.

Infants in Bushy

Senior Infants visited Bushy Park on Tuesday. They identified various trees, collected leaves, took bark rubbings, looked for signs of Autumn/Winter and most importantly visited the playground!!

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Pius Power Hour

Pictured are our 1st and 2nd classes engaging in our literacy based Power Hour Programme. This team teaching approach was implemented last year and resulted in a marked improvement in reading attainment. This year, Power Hour is also taking place in 3rd and 4th classes. This intervention combines with other whole school activities to complement the goals of our school's Self Evaluation document and hugely benefit our pupils' literacy development.

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50 Year Celebration

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Sneak preview of preparations for our school's golden anniversary (2015)

Butter Brigade

Ms. Redmond showed the sixth class boys how to make butter from cream as part of their science studies. They shook and shook and shook and churned out four jars of golden, creamy butter. Yum!

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