June 2015

Senior Sports Day

Well done Elaine Goddard for the marvellous organisation on both our sports days. Everything ran like clockwork and a most enjoyable time was had by all. Thanks to Bernie Anderson and her cohort of helpers, without whose assistance the day just wouldn't be the same.
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The boys in Ms. McLoughlin's first class were first to try out our brand new Trigolf equipment.

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Time Capsule 2045

It's in a secret location (in our sensory garden) and it's not to be opened until 2045. It's a time capsule and thanks to Ms. O'Kelly's class for the idea and to past pupils Michael Haddock, Colm Delaney, Eoghan McMahon and Conor Whelan for burying the body capsule.

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Third Class

Ms. Corcoran's boys having fun in the park with the poc fada and the cic fada

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Poetry Time

Some poems on the theme of Sounds penned by boys in Mr. Gough's class:
Sounds of My Car by Rory Smith
Everyone it's my Jeep! Jeep!
Give it a drive
You'll feel alive
It has thick tyres and
4 wheel drive
No creaking no squeaking
Quiet enough for speaking
Underwater off road
For a smoother ride
Choose comfy mode

Sounds Of Christmas by David Donegan
What do you hear on Christmas day
The sound of reindeer pulling a sleigh
Is it the joy of the sound us children make
When morning comes as we awake
Or maybe its the noise of laughter you hear
From family and friends who spread good cheer
Or the sounds the church bell chimes
Ringing out carols that will last for all times

Graduation Ceremony

Best wishes to our sixth class boys who graduated on Thursday. We wish you the very best of luck in your school lives in September.
To see our Memory Lane presentation (Thanks Emmet and Brian!) click here (Powerpoint Download) or here (PDF).

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Soccer Success

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Ross in Ms. Carroll's third class won a soccer blitz in Meath with Templogue Utd. Ross scored two goals in the final. Well done Ross!

Inaugural Jubilee Run

The Running Club closed its sporting year on Wednesday. Having trained since January every Friday, the boys from 5th and 6th class took part in a 2 or 3 lap run around Bushy Park. Given the special year for St. Pius X Schools, it was decided to have a "Jubilee Run". Over 60 boys took part in the run, with many opting to run the gruelling 3 lap distance (approx 5k!!). Liam (Mr. Dillon's class) was the overall winner with his 5th Class colleague Ben in 2nd place. Mr. Lynch was on hand to present the Jubilee Cup and praised the hard work of the Running Club coaches, Mr. Smyth, Mr. Coyle and Ms. Smith. Many thanks to the parents and to our Run Marshals, Ms. O'Neill, Mr. Gough, Ms. Mooney, Ms. O'Connor, Ms. Kennedy, Ms. Redmond and Ms. Gallagher for encouraging the runners and keeping them on the right track!!

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Third Classes on Tour

Ms. Carroll's and Ms. Corcoran's had a great day out at the UCD sports complex

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Friends for Life

Ms Smith's 5th class concluded their Friends for Life Programme with a celebration of cakes (compliments of Marie) Well done to all the boys and to Ms Smith and Ms Kennedy

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Fresh off the press from Carlingford - sixth class get ready for action.

Here's Harry (Ms. McLoughlin's first class) with his proficency award for Olympian Gymnastics. Well done Harry

Conor was the first in Mr. Gough's fifth class to figure out his ultra-hard detective whodunnit poser this morning

Wicklow Way Walk

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A wonderful day was enjoyed by parents and staff in the Wicklow hills, followed by a soujourn in the Brook Lodge, Macreddin. Why not come with us next year, second Sunday in June?

Many thanks most especially to Fiona (Cryan) and Vincent (Ryan) for the preparation and reconnaissance, ensuring everyone had a super and safe day.

Fiona invited me to upload her recipe for the porter cake which was much remarked upon yesterday.

And not forgetting . . .
our group leaders and the SNAs at the beginning
Snack Stop - Valerie and Liam
Cake ladies - Cathy McMahon, Fiona Moore
Biscuit Factory - Liz McGrane
Water - 7 Days (Pat and Hillary)
Provider of all things imaginable for snack stop - Bernie Anderson
Meet & Greet team - Eleanor and Sinead
Sponsorship Cards - Ronan McMahon
Woollen Plaits - Barbara and boys

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Choir Pizza Party

A little treat for the choir's hard work during the year - rehearsals, Christmas performances, First Holy Communion, Jubilee concert . . . pizzas, soft drinks and other goodies. Well done boys.

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Coder Dojo

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Harvey in Mr. Coughlan's first class (with his Mum) at Coder Dojo in the RDS. Well done to Pius past pupil Aidan Dowling for winning a major award.