November 2016

Referees' Award

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St. Pius X is delighted that Mr. David Gough, 6th class teacher, was presented with the Shane Hourigan Young Referee of the Year Memorial award by GAA President Aogán Ó Fearghail and Sean Walsh, Chairman of the National Referee Development Committee.

Ancient History Projects

Mr. Réamonn's boys have finished their ancient history projects and wanted to show them to the world . . .

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Pius Pianist - Senior Infant!

David from Ms. Mooney's was very enthusiastic about showing us his piano playing skills and when he did, we were all amazed at his hidden talent.
(You will need to have the sound turned on)

Week Three Fitness For Life

This week, Mr Dillon 's boys have 3 new exercises for you to practise.
Give these exercises a go at home and ask your parents to join in too!
Go to Fitness For Life for earlier weeks.

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Sean - Video
Leg Exercise (1)

Darragh - Video
Leg Exercise (2)

Luke - Video
Triceps Lifts

Card School?

We were amazed at Nathan's ability to read Sam's mind in this intriguing card trick . . . and yes, we checked the deck . . . it's a legitimate deck of cards! How did he do it?
(You will need to have the sound turned on)

Junior Green

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The Junior Green Gaelic football team played their last match (the final) the week after Halloween in Bushy Park. I was on the team and I think we played amazingly, we gave it one hundred percent both halves but very disappointingly we lost by just one point. It was a great match though. We played six stunning matches before that including a match against our own Senior Green team. We won most of our matches quite easily. Mr. Murtagh and Ms. Redmond had us training at five to eight in the morning quite a few times. It feels amazing to represent your school. My highlight of the season was probably when we beat St. Josephs, it felt great. Playing Gaelic football for the school was really fun.
Matthew McCarthy (Mr. Murtagh’s 5th Class)

  Our junior green football season started well with a good win over St. Mary’s in Lucan. The game started tight with both teams exchanging scores early on, but we kept going and in the end we won well. Our second game was against a strong Joey’s team. We knew from the start it was going to be a tough game, and it was but we won by a good margin in the end. It was a tight game and we had to give a lot of effort to get over the line. The next game we had was against Scoil Lorcan from Kilmacud. It was a game where strong tackles were made and possibly a few poor referring decisions. We were strong as a team all the way through and we got a good win in the end. Our next game was against Mary’s of Rathfarnham. We were good from start to finish and deserved our win.
Our next game was to be against Ballyroan who hadn’t lost a game yet. But before we played them, we played a challenge game against our senior green team. I believe we gave them a run for their money, and we did, but they just about won in the end. Every single one of us knew the Ballyroan was going to be tough but it really was down to the wire. It was an open game of football from the start, and I’m sure it was level at half time. As the second half started drawing to a close Ballyroan had a two point lead and I must admit we were looking down the barrel of a gun. Until William O’ Leary came on. And in the last play of the game when he got the ball he scored a goal.  As their keeper kicked out the ball, and the referee blew his whistle we knew we were in the final against Holly Park.
We trained long and hard for that Holly Park game. And when it got to the big day we were well up for it. Holly Park got a good start to the game scoring a goal and a few points early on. But we showed great perseverance and good team spirit and at half time it was level. The second half was tight all the through, but when the final whistle blew Holly Park had won by a point. Every single Pius player played like there was no tomorrow. I would like to say thank you on behalf of the team to the coaches and parents, without whom we mightn’t have reason to be so proud of ourselves. And I myself have thoroughly enjoyed my final year playing junior football.
And remember……..PIUS ABU!!!!!
John Patrick Chew (Ms Redmond's 5th Class)

Finn Meets the President

Finn was the mascot for Ireland at the Ireland v Australia rugby match at the weekend . . . . and he had the privilege of meeting President Michael D. Higgins

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Terenure College Cross Country Victory

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Well done to all the St Pius X BNS runners who took part in the first Annual Terenure College Cross-Country Competition. St. Pius X BNS finished 1st place in a tough field of local schools (St. Joseph's, St Mary's and Terenure Junior school to name a few). Amazingly a number of our boys finished in the top 5 of their respective races. Our 3rds and 4ths were joined by members of the St. Pius X BNS Running Club. Many thanks to Mr. Philip Wallace (Deputy Principal) of Terenure College and his staff for an amazing day of racing. The course, refreshments and silverware were top class and we are sure St. Pius X BNS will be back this time next year defending its title!

Sean (1st place), Erwan (3rd place) and Lucas (4th place) with the medals awarded after the run

Science Week

St Pius X BNS had a very busy science week with every class in the school participating in various fun and exciting science activities.
Infants: Our infant classes were busy exploring magnets, looking at the push and pull forces of magnets and exploring different magnetic materials around their room.
1st Class: Our first class boys were busy working as scientists as the engaged in a design and make activity where they had to design and make the tallest and strongest building from K’NEX. There were some very imaginative structures!!

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2nd Class: Second class were mentored through a variety of science investigations with our 6th class boys. They explored magnets, electricity and got to see our programmable Lego in action.
3rd and 4th Class: Our third and fourth class boys participated in a science quiz where their scientific knowledge was put to the test!
5th Class: Our 5th class boys had an extremely busy science week. After weeks of hard work the day came to finally display their projects in the Intel Mini Scientist competition. Judges, parents and all visitors were all extremely impressed with the projects and the boys' level of knowledge of their chosen topic. It was a very tough decision but in the end the judges chose the project “What is Sound?” as the winning project. Well done Fionn C, Daniel H, James F and Lorcan F who will now represent St. Pius X BNS in the final in Intel in December.
6th Class: 6th class boys integrated their science and technology knowledge to produce some amazing Legomations!! The boys made great use of all the Lego we acquired last year as well as our new iPads. There were so many different ideas and all were extremely impressive!

You are what you eat!

Dublin GAA and Leinster Rugby Nutritionist, Mr. Daniel Davey gave an inspiring talk to 5th and 6th classes about their eating habits. This talk was part of the school’s Fitness for Life programme. The project is headed up by Mr. Murtagh and has been devised specifically for our school and its pupils. Speaking to the boys, Daniel noted how impressed he was at the excellent existing knowledge and understanding the boys had around nutrition. He gave them some tips and strategies for improving their food intake. Daniel told the boys about his work with amazing athletes like Diarmaid Connolly, Bernard Brogan and Sean O’Brien. He even gave the boys the Dublin players’ food plan 24 hours before they beat Mayo in the All-Ireland final! Many thanks to Daniel for his insights and advice, we look forward to updating him on our progress later next year!

Road Safety

Thank you Orla from the Road Safety Authority who is visiting St. Pius during the coming week to speak to the boys about road safety. It's an especially dangerous time of the year on the roads, so make sure you light up and observe the Safe Cross Code.

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Ms. Stewart's boys finding out just how difficult it is to draw on a ceiling

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Science Week

Pius boys enjoying science

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Science Week in Junior Infants

The junior infants boys have gone into role as scientists this week for 'science week'. They have learned about floating and sinking, magnets, electricity, dental health and construction. They even got to examine insects under microscopes. We love science!

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Senior Infant Science

For Science Week the Senior Infants explore the forces of magnets and the concepts of floating and sinking

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Doodle for Google

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Kian and Sean with their submissions for the Doodle for Google competition.

Doctor on Call

The boys in junior infants have started their new Aistear theme 'People Who Help Us' and this week we have been learning about doctors. We have set up our own surgery where our doctors have been busy doing check ups on patients and their babies and writing prescriptions. The boys have even built their own hospitals using blocks.

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Dance Moves

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Here's Aaron from Ms. Kennedy's first class with the medal he won last week for dancing. Well done Aaron.

6th Class in Dublin City

On the 10th of November Mr Gough’s class were all buzzing to get the day started as Mr Gough had promised his class a tour of Dublin City. At about 9:45 the class made their way into town via the 54A bus. When we got off the bus we walked to the National Library of Ireland. In the National Library of Ireland we sat inside a room where an author and an illustrator started telling us about a book they wrote called Danger Is Everywhere. The author’s name was David O’Doherty and the illustrator’s name was Chris Judge. David did all the talking and at the same time Chris drew drawings on big pieces of paper to go along with what David was saying. David made up a joke about Mr Gough saying that he was a werewolf because he had a beard. It was a very entertaining presentation. After the presentation Chris started to give out his drawings to the audience and Sam from the class was lucky enough to get one. Dara had the book already and got it autographed by David and Chris. After we left the National Library of Ireland we went to visit St Stephens Green park and ate lunch there. It was a lovely picnic in the park. After lunch we walked along Grafton Street and had a great time listening to the Buskers. From there we wandered over to Trinity College. Our timing was great as we saw some students dressed for their graduation that day. We went on a short walk around the college to see what it was like but ran out of time to see it all as we had to start making our way to our bus stop. We hopped on the 54A back to the school. We got back at about 2 o’clock. We all had an amazing time and would love to do similar again someday soon. Who knows, maybe one day a future St Pius sixth class gets to see some of us graduating in Trinity. Mr Gough will probably be a grey werewolf by then!! Only kidding, thank you Mr Gough and Mr Kelly for a great day out.
By Darragh Butler

Yesterday Mr Gough’s 6th class got to go to the National Library of Ireland. Our class left the school at 9:45 to get to the Bus Stop which left us on Dame Street. We then walked to the National Library of Ireland. After we went inside we sat down in a hall with three other schools. After a while the author David O’Doherty and the illustrator Chris Judge came into the hall and talked about the fact that Danger is Every Where! He showed how to clap safely first and then how to Hi-five safely and then told us about other Dangers of the world. After he told us about all of the dangers I went up to them and they signed my ‘Danger is Everywhere’ book. We then went to Trinity College to look at some of the historic buildings. We walked with Mr Gough as he showed us the many different buildings around the college campus. After Trinity College we walked up Grafton Street and looked at the men playing music along with many people who stopped to watch them play. We then needed to go to the Bus stop and go back to school. It was a good day out.
Dara McCabe

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Wood you let me take a turn?

4ths and 5ths were treated to an exhibition in woodwork on Thursday. As part of the presentation, boys got to see a full range of wooden objects (toys, furniture etc) that our expert woodturner, John from Co. Wicklow had made. The boys also got to see the woodturning process. John was able to demonstrate how he could make perfectly cylindrical shapes out of square pieces of wood!

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Leo's Medals

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Leo proudly showing his literacy and numeracy medals. Well done Leo.

Sam's Visit

Thanks to Denis Bastick for visiting today and to Templeogue Synge Street for its ongoing sports partnership with St. Pius X.

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Adieu Fr Aquinas

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The St Pius X Holy Communion Boys and Girls said farewell to Fr Aquinas at the Memory of Me Mass on Sunday October 30th. They used their talents to assemble a memory tree and produced some delicious home baking. A cup of tea was enjoyed by all and Fr Aquinas was presented with his gifts.
Best of luck in your new parish, we'll miss you.