February 2017

A Date from Spring

I got a date from Spring
I must be looking my best
It’s going to be fancy
Because I’m posh-ly dressed
I’ve put on my bow tie
I’ve put on my hat
And I thought
How could I get more fancy than that?

I scrubbed in the bath
As happy as can be
But little did I know
She was coming at three!

I rushed down the stairs
Put my shoes on
But when I got there
She was already gone!
I was crying in the corner
As sad as can be
But I thought to myself, maybe next year
Yes yes, maybe!

By Patrick Fleming and Hugh Morgan- 3rd class – Ms.Brennan’s

Hoo-Hoo Loves You?

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Senior Infants celebrate St. Valentine's Day by making some trendy owls.

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Lego League Launch in DCU

For the last three weeks in science our class and Ms. Redmond’s class worked on Lego projects. We had to make a Lego project with a motor and once we built it we then had to connect it to an iPad to programme it. Programming lego and making models with motors, gears and pulleys was new for us. Finally we had to design a poster showing all the stuff we learned about our animal, explaining how it shared its habitat with the honey bee and describing how we made our lego model.
Last Saturday, 11th February, we went to the first Lego League JR showcase in DCU-St Pat’s College. There were some other schools there and they all had great creations. There were lots of different projects. A few groups did owls, snakes, foxes, bears and rabbits. The judges came around and asked us lots of questions about how we made our lego models and how they worked. We all got different awards based on our project. The Lego was great fun and we hope we get to do it again soon.
Many thanks to teachers Mr. Murtagh, Ms. Redmond, Mr. Smyth and Ms. Lally
Elliot and Sam
Mr Murtagh’s 5th class
Lego Video - Saturday

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Oscar completed an in-depth study of the properties of radioactivity and presented his findings. Well done Oscar.

Swimming Gala

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Another great swimming day for the Pius Boys' team at the National Schools gala, held yesterday Sunday 12th February in the National Aquatic Centre. While qualifying for the nationals was a great achievement, the boys swam fantastically with personal bests and medals all around. Conor won national Gold in the 50m Butterfly and Silver in a very close 50 Free. Cillian came 4th in the 50 Free and won Bronze in the 50m Back. Aaron and Jake had PBs in very fast races. The boys had a great day as seen in the photo.

Dragons' Den

Ms. Stewart had a Dragons' Den competition (very high standard may I say) and the winners were Evan, Tom , James and Luke with their website called Boot Off You really should log on and take a look . . . !

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February Fitness For Life

Mr. Gough's sixth class demonstrate this month's activities.
Go to Fitness For Life for last week's activities.

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Michael - Video (Modified Plank)

Jack - Video (Crawl to Pushups)

James - Video (Torso Twist)

St. Brigid's Crosses

St. Brigid and St. Blase - fifth classes visited the church to have their throats and their St. Brigid's crosses blessed. Thanks Mr. Smyth and Fr. Gerry.

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Quiz Winners

Our senior quiz team won the preliminary round of the Credit Union schools quiz on Friday night. Representing St. Pius were Rory, Ushen, James and Gordon and they put in a blistering performance to win by the closest of margins - a single point. Well done to the boys for holding their nerve against very stiff opposition from St. Joseph's, Knocklyon, Rathfarnham and Pius X GNS.
Let us not forget our junior team - Sam, Henry, Toby and Derry - who finished a very laudable fifth. Indeed, we congratulate them on their sportsmanship: after a mix up they were announced as runners up and presented with prizewinners' envelopes. When the error was discovered they each hopped up and offered to immediately return the envelopes to the actual runners-up. TRUE PIUS SPIRIT. (full credit to the credit union [if you'll excuse the pun] who allowed our boys to hold on to their prizes and of course also awarded prizes to the actual runners-up).

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Aistear Hour with Ms. Gallagher's Juniors

Our theme in Aistear this month is food and we have had lots of fun exploring this topic. The boys learned all about the healthy foods that make us big and strong, how to make a cheese sandwich and went into role in a food shop! I guess that'd be a cheese roll!!!
We also had a fruit tasting station. It was yummy! Not everybody enjoyed tasting the lemons though!!

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Smoothie Recipes

Mr. Murtagh’s boys continue their healthy eating as part of their Fit4Life programme. This month the boys made some delicious smoothies, packing them full of goodness!! Some of the recipes are below the photos.
Keep an eye on the website to see what delicious healthy recipe will be posted next month. They made so much they decided to share them with their neighbours-Ms. Redmond’s boys!!!!

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Berry Smoothie

Raspberries/ Strawberries/ Blueberries
A handful of Spinach
Half and avocado
A handful of seeds
300ml of almond milk
A dash of cinnamon

Peanut butter smoothie

2 tbsp peanut butter
300ml almond milk
A handful of spinach
2 bananas
A handful of seeds
Half an avocado

Fruity Smoothie

3 passion fruit
2 apples
Pineapple chunks
1 Orange
Juice of a lime
Half an avocado
A handful of seeds
A handful of spinach
300ml almond milk

Put all the ingredients into a blender or nutribullet and blitz. Then just enjoy lots of healthy goodness!! Our smoothies included all of the following things: Vitamins, Minerals, Calcium, Iron, Healthy fats, Protein & Carbohydrates.

Award Winners at Assembly

Winners of award certificates - Benjamin, Erwan, Thomas, Adam, Ryan, Taylor, Jack, Kerrin, Ronan And Killian in categories such as 'amazing attitude to school', 'Gaeilge', 'Creative Writing', Being kind' . . .

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Google Visit

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Mr.Dillon's sixth class had a brilliant day out at Google HQ in late December. The boys were inspired by the tour and thought it was just the coolest place to work! Their eyes were out on sticks - suppose it's fair to say that they were googly eyed!
Pictured here are Kian, Sean and Aaron presenting a Google-Doodle to the company rep.