June 2017

Junior Infants visit Glenroe Farm

Ms. Devenney, Ms. Dunne and Ms. Gallagher brought their boys to the farm - and what a day they had.

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Art Awards

2017 marks the beginning of our "For Posterity" art competition. Ms. Kennedy and Ms. Stewart had a really difficult time choosing the winning pieces that will be framed during the summer and hung on the school corridor for posterity. Our winners (and the winning pieces) are below.
[Note that the frames you see are temporary digital frames.]

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Edward, Cohen and Conor

Conor, Leo and Noah

Sam and Sean

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Almond Blossom
Conor O'Brien
1st Class

Colourful Countryside
Noah Morgan
2nd Class

Car Race
Edward Bourke
Junior Infants

Colourful Butterfly
Cohen Heenan
Senior Infants

Concentric Circles
Leo Zelman
3rd Class

In Bloom
Conor Markey
4th Class

Raining Rainbows
Sam Mcnamara
5th Class

Lizard Life
Sean Boylan
6th class

Thanks P.A. One for Everyone in the Audience

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What a treat today when Mr. Whippy rocked up at 9:30 and began to divvy out free ice-creams to every boy in the school. (Compliments of our super-wonderful Parents' Association - that was a cool thing to do!!)

Quiz Winners

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After 15 rounds and hundreds of questions in our year long Friday quiz, we have our three winners in each class. The overall winners of the jubilee shield were (junior) Derry Murphy and (senior) Gordon Tracey & Doire Sheridan (joint winners)

Ms. Stewart's 3rd class
1st Lochlann
2nd Louie
3rd Harvey

Ms. Brennan's 3rd class
1st Donagh
2nd Sean
3rd Joe (absent)

Mr. Coughlan's 3rd class
1st Derry
2nd Oisín
3rd Bill

Mr. Kealy's 4th class
1st Ben
2nd Patrick
3rd Conor

Mr. Réamonn's 4th class
1st Henry
2nd Ryan
3rd Ashen

Ms. Redmond's 5th class
1st Gordon
2nd John
3rd James

Mr. Murtagh's 5th class
1st Doire
2nd James
3rd Tom

Mr. Dillon's 6th class
1st Cuán
2nd Aaron
3rd Lucas

Mr. Gough's 6th class
1st James
2nd Rory
3rd Ushen

Pupil of the Month Awards

Congrats to our students of the month . . .

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Third Class
Haran, Eoghan & Daire

Fourth Class
Conor & Ryan

Fifth Class
Matthew & Eoin

Sixth Class
Callum & Philip

Sixth Class Awards

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Academic Achievement
James Brennan
Thomas McFeeney-Izart

Sports Star
Kevin Hogan

Aaron Egan

Fifth Class Projects

Wonderful projects completed by Ms. Redmond's fifth class on countries of the world - including some real life samples of cuisine!!

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Football Blitz

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Over 150 boys from 2nd and 3rd took part in a football blitz in Bushy Park on Tuesday. With over 50 separate games in the gorgeous weather, the boys had a great time. Many of these boys will be hoping to be on school teams next year and it's clear that the competition will be tough given the standards on display. Many thanks to all the teachers who helped organise this memorable day!

Castle Golf

Patrick C, Patrick K, Jonas and Michael represented St. Pius at the recent castle Cup inter school golf tournament. Thanks Mr. Ryan and his team of golfers for training our sixth class boys in Spawell every Monday.

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I woke up at six in the morning I got dressed, had breakfast and got ready for the tournament. When I got out of the car I was amazed by all the people there. Patrick, Jonas and Michael were there putting. The competition started off with us practising putting, and then we got into our groups and made our way to the 1st tee box. We were all nervous but Mr Ryan got us relaxed. There was a shotgun start. We had a great time and we all played with really nice people. Afterwards we went to see the pro to give us tips on short game which was very helpful. We went in for dinner after and we got peas, chips and breaded chicken. We had great fun at the dinner table and were really excited for the prize giving. We ended up coming 5th place out of 19 or 20 schools. We got medals and it ended up being a great day.
Patrick C

I woke up at 6:30am and arrived at Castle Golf Club at 7:30am. When I got there Patrick K, Michael and Patrick C were waiting for me. We warmed up on the putting green. We all received a sticker telling us which adult to go to just as the competition was about to begin. I got 17 B which meant that my group was second to start on hole 17. The St Pius X BNS team preformed very well and very much enjoyed it. After our 9 hole round of golf a pro was there to teach us tips on bunker shots and there was also a putting competition. We later put on our school uniform and went upstairs to eat. We got breaded chicken, chips and peas; we got ice- cream as dessert afterwards. When we finished our meal it was time for the award ceremony. Teams were announced starting from last to first. It took a while for our team to be called up for our medals which meant we placed very well. We were called up as 5th place and we were very happy with that. I really enjoyed the day and I think the others did too.

Yoga Time

Boys in first class enjoy some yoga time out - thanks Michele

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Roald Dahl workshop

First class boys have some fun with Roald roles.

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Senior Sports Bushy Park 2nd June 2017

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If you're looking for the junior sports photos, they're HERE