February 2018

Cube Gymnastics

Watch James solve the cube . . . such dexterity and speed . . .

Spring Clean

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Though you might not think it (with the impending cold snap), spring is here and the daffs are out. Ms. Redmond's boys wish to remind us how important it is to look after our litter responsibly and to remember to reuse and recycle whenever we can.

Cross Country Runners

Mr Dillon's and Ms Redmond's boys were out on Wednesday in Jobstown Park for the first in a series of cross country races organised by South Dublin County Council. We enjoyed nice sunshine and some success with many boys finishing in the top 10, most noticeably Harry Dempsey and Adam Mooney who finished 1st and 2nd in their respective races.

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Reminders for Parents

School Wardens

South Dublin County Council has notified all school wardens that they should not carry out duties beyond circa 15 minutes (see below) after school closing times. A practice may have evolved over years whereby wardens would take it upon themselves to remain on duty while children visited sweetshops or chatted outside school gates. It is our understanding that wardens may not be insured to do this and will, with immediate effect, adhere more closely to their assigned schedules. If your child avails of the school warden service, make sure that he (or your minder / au pair …) is aware of this change of practice. If you have any queries, please contact South Dublin County Council.
We would like to acknowledge the essential service carried out by our school wardens who perform their duties in all kinds of weather with great good humour.
Assigned Times
Fortfield Park until 2:45pm
Templeville Road until 2:45pm
Wainsfort Road until 2:55pm
Cypress Grove Road until 3:00pm
College Drive until 3:05pm


The senior infant timetable is very flexible . . . it was a bit of stretch . . . but Ms. Dunne's class bent over backways to fit in a session on our new yoga mats.

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Temple Street / Valentines

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School Principal, Lorcan Coyle with Mr. Ryan and his son Conor promoting no uniform day in aid of Temple Street Children's Hospital. Thank you for your wonderful response.The total amount of money raised from the Non-Uniform day came to an astonishing €1003.70. The staff in Temple Street have informed me it was the most money that has been raised from a single Non-Uniform day to date.

Rhys and Noah with the Valentine's Day cards that made (with great TLC) for their Mums.

Snow March 2018

School is now back in action. As you have seen there is still a considerable amount of snow lying in the yard. Please do not send boys to school before 8:30am. Due to the poor condition of the roads, walk if possible. No bicycles.
Many thanks for your consideration and understanding during this exceptional and rare weather event and its aftermath.

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Pius Pancakes

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Today is Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Tuesday), the day before the start of Lent. Many classes came to the staffroom to make and enjoy some pancakes, ably assisted by Helen and Marie.
Pictures below show some of Ms. Redmond's boys having some pancake therapy!!

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Aistear Time

Aistear is a programme designed for infant classes that involves children in structured play activities. Some photos from Ms. Corcoran's and Ms. Maxwell's boys . . .

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Swimming Competitors

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This Sunday, our boys will represent St. Pius X at the national swimming championships on foot of their great success at the Leinster championships last November. The long hours of training (most of these children are in their local pool at 7am most mornings training) have paid off - best of luck, boys.

St. Pius Assembly

The boys enjoyed assemblies this morning with songs from Mr. Coughlan's and Mr. Kealy's classes, a poem from Ms. Waines and presentations from Ms. Redmond's (Conor, Harry & Ben) and Mr. Dillon's (Oscar, Matthew & Matthew). Mr. Coyle awarded certificates to our pupils of the month.

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Daniel, Axel, Shane, James and Isaac, proud recipients of pupil of the month awards. Joe, Killian, Ryan and Elliott, pupils of the month.

Mom We're Off to College

3rd class boys in Mr Kealy's and Ms Waine's classes got the unique opportunity to go to college this week with a trip to UCD. The boys discovered the world of science with a lecture and tour of all things science in UCD. No doubt some of the boys will end up there in the future. Thanks to UCD and especially Joe Carty, who is Dean of Science, for the special treatment.

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Student Council

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After a tough week of campaigning, the student council was elected last week and held their its meeting with Mr Coyle. The boys have thought of lots of good ideas and will now start to introduce some of them.
Congratulations to the newly elected class representatives and well done to Mr. Coughlan for driving this initiative.
3rd class: Tom, Charlie
4th class: Patrick, Kerrin, Haran
5th class: Callum, Oran
6th class: Doire, Liam

Soccer Trials

Mr Ryan and Mr Murtagh have begun their early morning trials to pick our annual 'Spar' 5 a side competition team. Last year the school made it to the final. And our very own O'Neill (Mr. Ryan) and Keane (Mr. Murtagh) are eager to lift silverware this year. Over 50 boys will try out over the next two weeks for just 8 places.
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Pizza 'n' Quiet

Mr. Réamonn's 4th class boys were celebrating all things Italian this week, from map-work and reading to artwork and even cooking ... there was certainly a lovely a-Rome-a in the school kitchen! Fantastico!

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St. Brigid's Day

Boys in the senior end of the school celebrated St Brigid's day by making the traditional crosses using rushes. Our 5th classes went down to Mass and got their crosses blessed. They will now be brought home and put above doorways, as tradition says that they help protect against fire. Thanks Mr. Smith for the Galway rushes.

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