January 2019

St. Vincent de Paul

© St. Pius X BNS

Thank you for your generosity before Christmas with the food parcel gifts you sent in and your contribution to our bucket collection on the last day which raised almost €400

Yoga Time

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Monday morning yoga is proving to be a great hit with the boys as they stretch their way into the new week.

A Little Culture

No, not that type of culture . . . . Ms. O'Connor's boys were visited by scientist Clodagh who explained the differences between good and bad bacteria. The boys then set about culturing bacteria which they will examine this week.

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Powering Through . . .

Pictures from Power Hour in Ms. Corcoran's class as boys use iPads at one of the activity stations.

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News from Ms. Carroll's Class

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Oisín is back with his latest instalment - a 19 page story entitled My Granny (illustrated by the man himself).

Daniel with his piano certificate - DISTINCTION, with a score of 92 out of 100. Judges were very impressed.

Tristan has been working on his sentence structure and Ms. O'Neill thinks that his long sentences are just terrific.

Ezra's Got Rhythm . . .

Ezra brought his drum kit into class this morning and treated the boys in Ms. Dunne's and Ms. O'Connor's classes to a percussion performance. We were . . . .drum-founded!!

Peace Proms Rehearsal

© St. Pius X BNS

Our 62 choristers had a wonderful workout in the National Sports Arena with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of children from other schools around the country. Mums (sorry to any Dads who do the laundry) will be delighted to hear that the organisers were very taken with the whiteness of our shirts (as well as the sweetness of our voices, of course).