March 2020

S P A C E**********T H E**********F I N A L


Evan from Ms O'Connor's class has produced a riveting video on Space. He separates the facts from the myths! Stephen Spielberg look out!! WATCH THIS SPACE!!

Catch A Tiger by the........!!!

Matthew from Ms O'Connor's class produced this amazing powerpoint presentation on the Tiger.


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Tom from Mr Geraghty's found time to compose his own poetry. Well done Tom. Very creative!


Connor and John from Ms McWeeney's class produced some stunning work recently. Connor painted a canine friend by numbers, while John created a mini-project on D-Day a.k.a. Operation Overlord. Well done boys. Very impressive!

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Cormac in Ms.Pléamonn's class has managed to get his next grade in Karate. The Corona virus and lockdown hasn't curtailed his passion for his beloved sport. He entered an on-line Karate competition by sending videos online and achieved 2nd place! Congratulations and well done Cormac we applaud you.

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Who has been a busy boy then TED?
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John in Ms. Redmond's 2nd class has been busy sewing during his time at home. He came up with a design and sewed it onto a t-shirt for his brother's teddy. What a lovely idea! I'm sure the teddy loves his newly designed t-shirt. Well done for being sew creative John!


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Sam from Ms Maxwell's class thought it would be a good idea to make his own fire extinguisher. During these uncertain and restricted times Sam's your man!! He won't be PUT OUT by any means!!!

***** Let's Get COUNTING *****

Participate in a Biodiversity Challenge!!!

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Now that the warm weather has arrived this is an opportune time for St Pius boys to get involved in a Biodiversity project. The National Biodiversity Data Centre need our help in determining the number of garden flower pollinators i.e. insects are visiting us. There is a concern that numbers are dwindling and we can help by counting our insect visitors and submitting the data that is collected. All of the links below including an instructional video on how to get started are easily accessed. Please click on the relevant links below for an interesting, worthwhile and fun activity.

Click Here to view a tutorial on how to get started

Click Here to access the main pollinator website

Click Here to print or view the instructions to get started

Click Here to print the recording form

Click Here to identify the different types of insects

***** COVID-19 *****

I Love Terenure Important Information

I.L.T. have put together a list of over 500 volunteers to help the Elderly & vulnerable in the areas of Terenure, Templeogue, Rathfarnham, Kimmage & Rathgar. Could you please share to as many people as possible. If we help even one person it will be worth it. The list is available at the below link.

Covid-19 I Love Terenure

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