June 2020

ALL's well that ends WELL!!!

with a TREAT!!

Max from Mr Kealy's class representing Ireland in the virtual Sports Day events is a picture of happiness in this series of photos, especially in the last one!! See you in the Olympics Max in 2036!!! Hopefully the brownie will be replaced by a GOLD MEDAL!!

© St. Pius X BNS

The Super Strong Farrellys!!!

and one of them is a GEM!

Shane from Mr Dillon's class and his sister Ruby demonstrate their power and energy during the sprint and super strong challenge events for Virtual Sports Day!!! Superb effort!!.

© St. Pius X BNS

From Still Life to Poetry in Motion!!!

Jack from Ms Maxwell's class is a picture of concentration in these photos.!!! His take-off for the obstacle course was so fast the video couldn't capture him!!! Super work Jack and great fun!.

© St. Pius X BNS

The Real Thing

Danny and Marley from Mr Kealy's taking part in the Virtual Sports Day events!! A mixture of steady as she goes and Speedy Gonzalez!!! Well done guys!

A Team Effort

Cody from Ms Pleamonn's class and his seven team mates from Terenure Rangers sprint to the finish line for Virtual Sports Day training!! Well done guys!

Wellies AHOY!! Egg-ceptional jumping!!!

Charlie from Mr Faherty's class demonstrates all three activities, wellie toss, egg and spoon, and long jump with great aplomb!! Egg-emplary Charlie!!

The Flying Falveys....!!

Jack and Rory from Ms Dunne's and Mr Curtin's class respectively fly like gazelles while training for the sprints for Virtual Sport's Day.!!

The MOTHER of ALL obstacle courses!!!

Dara and Fiachra from Mr Faherty's and Mr Kealy's class respectively demonstrate the art of conquering the obstacle course. Dodging, climbing, balancing, bouncing, running, counting, putting on, and throwing were all part of the activities!!! A lie down is required and that's just from watching!!! Fantastic design and well done boys!!


Max from Mr Kealy's class was so inspired by Mr Smyth's video and his welly toss out in the fields that he decided to brave it himself!! Well done Max; maybe next time you'll have cows too as a fan club!

© St. Pius X BNS

Wellies! Wellies! Everywhere....!!

James from Ms Devenney's class and his able female assistant demonstrate how fun it can be to toss umpteen wellies in the air!! It may be one small step for partner but it's one GIANT leap from James.!!

Keep your EYEs (Early Youthful Exuberance) peeled !!!

The Glover brothers namely Adam from Ms Robinson's and his younger brother Dylan (who will be joining us soon) battle it out for the supremacy in the Spud n Spoon race!! Adam also shows us how to glide over a very colourful hurdle!! Well done boys!!


Please find below the class video presented during the Junior Infant assembly. Enjoy!!


THe Martin family, namely Isaac, Jonah and Charlie from Ms Gallagher's, Ms Robinson's, and Mr Curtin's class respectively try out their sporting skills Notice how Isaac tries to add a few centimetres to his long jump!! The watchful scrutiny of JUDGE JONAH brings him back to reality!!


Conall and Ruadhán are taking their sport's day training to a new level!!! Check out Conall's welly "GARRYOWEN" throw that eventually re-enters Earth's orbit!!! Well done boys. Very impressive skills shown.

© St. Pius X BNS

If you go down to the woods today................. !!!

You'll find Alex from Ms Redmonds's 2nd class jumping for joy like a gazelle over Mother Nature's naturally made hurdles!!! Well done Alex. No teddy bear's picnic but still a piece of cake!!!!

The HILLS KITCHEN is ALIVE with the sound of music!!!

Josh from Ms Robinson's 1st class is seen here composing a piece of music using water at different levels in individual glasses. Can you name that tune??!!! Well done Josh. Very creative!!


Tom from Ms Carroll's 6th class is training hard for the Virtual Sport's Day by engaging in the Welly Throwing and Spud Balancing activities . He re-booted and outdid his first attempt with ease. His canine friend wasn't too impressed though!! Well done Tom!!

Measured Success!!!

Josh from Ms Stewart's 1st class is making the long jump practice look so easy!. He has it measured to perfection!!! Well done Josh. Keep it going!!


Peter from Ms Pleamonn's class expertly demonstrating his soccer skills!!. LIONEL MESSI look out!! Peter has no difficulty using either foot to nail his target. Very impressive shooting. Well done!! .



© St. Pius X BNS

This is Thomas' picture from Ms Brogan's class detailing the HOTNESS!! of chilies. His drawing is PPPPeppered with colour and interesting facts!! The S.H.U. stands for the Scoville Heat Units, but you already knew that!!!.


Hugh from Ms Pleamonn's class and his brother Oisín from Ms O'Connor's class demonstrating the fine art of WELLY WANGING!! They are ably assisted by their canine friend, who is only too eager to retrieve the prize!!. The photos depict Tomás joining his brothers in a spot of spud sowing for next year's spud-n-spoon race and some routine military manoeuvres. Hope its not aiming at the PRINCIPAL's OFFICE !!!! .

© St. Pius X BNS


Adam from Mr Curtin's class and his brother Jack from Mr Faherty's class demonstrating the exquisite art of poatato balancing!!. Your concentration and focus is top class! Hopefully the spuds maybe recycled as CHIPS after the Virtual Sports Day event!!!! .

EGGS!!...cellent preparation for Virtual Sports Day!!!

Cathal from Ms Corcoran's class is taking his preparations for the Virtual Sports Day seriously!!. You can see him here in this video presentaton "working out" using dumbells, weights, and on the treadmill!!!! His training is paying off as you can see from his prowess during the welly throwing and egg and spoon events!! Super job Cathal.

It's a long way to......................... JUMP!!!

Jake from Ms Corcoran's class produced a whopping 144.78cm in his long jump preparations for the Virtual Sports Day. That's 4 feet 9 inches for those of you old enough to remember the Imperial Measures!!!! Fair play to you Jake!!. Keep the jumping going!!


No problems in the Gill household bringing in the logs!! Joseph, Daniel, and Peter show amazing strength while training for the Virtual Sport's Day. All three boys are definitely eating healthily over the lockdown. More power to you lads!!!

© St. Pius X BNS

An in-depth guide to WORLD WAR 2........in colour!!!

Finn from Mr Geraghty's class produced this amazing powerpoint presentation on world conflict. Included are maps, graphics, artillery used, and an amazing interview with Finn's Granny. She recalls her vivid memories of the war in her early years as a young child. Fantastic work Finn with incredible detail and interesting tacts. Can you crack the code and see what Winston Churchill is saying?!!!!!


© St. Pius X BNS

Shane From Mr Dillon's class is captured here in full flow during his training session for the Virtual Sport's Day. You can be assured he will be motoring far faster than this still frame suggests!

A BOLT out of the in BLUE!!!!

Usain watch out!! Rian from Mr Kealy's demonstrates his prowess at the 40M sprint challenge. Superb running style Rian. WELL DONE!!


Ben from Ms O'Connor's class nonchalantly tosses the wellington boot down the street!! Very impressive technique and result Ben! It looked effortless!!


Ciarán from Ms Gallagher's class designed his own obstacle course in preparation for the big upcoming sporting event. He even dressed up in his school's tracksuit!! You're a mighty man Ciarán. Keep the training going!!

THANK YOU and FAREWELL PIUS from the 6th Class Boys!!!

Ms Crosbie's 6th class boys produced this wonderful video highlighting their favourite memories of St Pius X as a thank you to all the amazing teaching community.

I HAVE A DREAM........!!!

Daniel from Ms O'Connor's class has captured the essence of the life of Martin Luther King in this brilliantly presented powerpoint presentation.


Sam from Ms Devenneys's class and Jamie from Ms Gallagher's class are seen here practicing for the Virtual Sports Day by tossing their wellies as far as possible. They are using strong arm tactics and loving it to BOOT.!!!



Planning IngenuityUsing Scientific Xpertise

Boys from Mr Dillon's 5th class produced some fantastic bridges sturdy enough to withstand any impact!!

© St. Pius X BNS


Dean from Mr Kealy's class is seen here sprinting in a determined fashion against the traffic!!. His technique is superb and he keeps a straight line all the way.!!! Great preparation for the Virtual Sports Day Dean. Keep up the good work!!


Tom and Cody from Ms Pleamonn's class produced this amazing video as part of their training for the Virtual Sports Day. Well done guys truly inspiring!!


© St. Pius X BNS

Keep the training going for the BIG day!!!


Conor from Ms McWeeney's 4th class is making the '8-step Challenge' look so easy!. He's been practicising so hard he has developed superpowers!!! Hopefully there won't be a power outtage in the local area!!.

World conflict a look back........!!!

Donagh from Ms Crosbie's class has captured the essence of W.W.2 in this brilliantly presented powerpoint presentation.

R E A D Y ----- S E T ----- G O!!

Cormac from Ms O'Connor's 4th class is in pre-season training for Sport's Day. Can you spot the late entrant to the race.! It was a photo finish!!! Well done Cormac. Keep up the training.


From the PIUS X Parent's Association

The P.A. of St Pius schools have kindly donated an especially thoughtful parting gift to our 6th class students to guide their passage to secondary school. Each individual item has been carefully and thoughtfully selected as can be seen in the attached list. We thank you most sincerely for your generosity and support throughout the year and especially during these strange and unprecedented times.

© St. Pius X BNS


© St. Pius X BNS

Luke from Ms Robinson's 1st class proudly displays his creation using only marshmallows and spaghetti (Mmmmm). This was part of a S.T.E.M.challenge (that's an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths). Hopefully Luke's ingredients haven't gone PASTA their sell by date!!!!! Well done Luke. Very impressive!!

I Scream..........for....??????

© St. Pius X BNS

Morgan from Ms Dunne's class found time to create his own impression of Edvard Munch's The Scream. Interestingly the original was the target of many high profile art thefts!! Hopefully Morgan has his tucked away safely!! Well done Morgan. Very impressive!!