Game Time!

There are lots of different ways to play tennis including singles (1 v 1),
doubles (2 v 2) and American doubles (2 v 1). But now I will teach you some
ways to learn that might be a bit more fun than all the tecnique stuff.

Here are some fun games:

Squares:In this game you have to play a small game in the boxes. You start
on 5 lives. Each time you lose a point you go down 1 life. When you get to 0
you then get 3 extra lives. Dogs (like a spare),cats (1 hand only) and four
mercy (1 hand & leg). When you lose all your lives your box is out of bounds.
You then wait until 1 person is still alive (the winner)to start again. Missing
a feed (first shot) or return doesn't count.

Crazy Tennis: In this game you have to hit the ball anywhere on the court.
You can hit it past the base line and even not over the net!If the ball stops
on your side or you hit it too many times (normally 4) and can't get it over
you lose the point. You can play up to any amount of points.

Handball: In this game there are two teams. Each team has 1 ball on a cone.
The aim of the game is to knock the other team's ball off. You do this by
passing another ball to your team mates. You can't move when holding the
ball. If your team drops the ball the other team gets it. When your team
catches the ball inside a certain area the person that caught it gets a free throw at the other team's ball. If you knock it off the cone you get one
point. Just like in Crazy Tennis you can play to as many points as you want or until somebody has to go.

There are plenty of other games out there to discover, and they are
good too but these would be my favourites.