How To Play

In tennis, the aim of the game is to hit the ball over the net and in the court while also trying to make the other player not get it back.

There are plenty of tips such as...

1. When you are hitting the ball try to brush your strings against it. This gives you spin, which helps to get the ball over the net but not too far.

2.As a general rule, try to hit the ball away from the other player(s) but still in.

3.Depending on the situation, sometimes try and smash the ball (hit it hard and down at the net) or slice it (slice under the ball for backspin so other people can't run quick enough to reach it before 2 bounces).

4. In doubles, trams are in and one person should be up at the net and one at the base line.

5. The person at the net is up close to the corner when the other team is receiving and back in the middle of the boxes when the ball goes past them.

And rules such as...

1. If the ball hits the net and goes in from a serve (serves must be in the box) you retake it.

2. If you (or your racket) touch the net during play you lose the point.

3. If it double bounces on your side or hit it and it bounces on your side you lose the point.

4. Scoring goes O (love),15,30,40,game. (If you go to 40 all you need 2 points in a row to win the game).

5. If you get 6 games and the other player gets less than 5 you win the set. Otherwise you need to win a tiebreak or go ahead 7-5.You then go back to 0 games each.You can play first to 2 or 3 sets.