Football skills

Welcome to the streets
Yo now that you've learned the the effective skills it's time to learn the circus skills. These skills are best used in street matches. So let's learn a few.


Juggling won't beat a player but will intimidate do it you just throw a ball in the air and try kicking it to keep it up. A good tip use is not to kick it too high. Also try to flick it up with style to show how good you are. When you are about to play befor you start do loads of useless skills to mentally destroy the other team.


The 360 is a super skill if perfected. To do it you have to put one foot on the ball. Then put that foot on front of the ball and put your other foot on top of the ball. Spin around while taking your foot off the ball and it is done.
This skill is brilliant when you want keep the ball.