Standing skills

One of the gifts Neymar has is his quick feet and acceleration.He can just stop do a step over, sprint and he's at the same speed.This type of style is brilliant if your stuck on the wing and need to cross it.A good way to practise a skill is to pretend your in a real match situation. If your a winger and you cut in this a good skill to try.What you do is you sprint down the line and do a fake rabona[Click here to do a fake rabona]then an outside step over and an inside flip flap and shoot far post. Heres a drill to practise that combo of skills.

Hocus pocus

A good skill Neymar can do is called the hocus pocus.What you do is you swing one foot over the ball like an inside step over and hit the ball with your other foot like a rabona and it is done.
To practise this skill all you will need is one cone.
You should keep doing the drill for 30 mins.

Moving on

You have now finished the standing skill moves.You are now going out of your comfort zone and will be trying to do running skill moves WELL DONE!