We all know who James Bond is, in fact, half the world has seen at least 1 Bond film! But in case you don't know, he is a top secret spy in the British secret services. He was created by Ian Fleming in 1954.

The Early Days

I think it is safe to say that we've all at least heard of James Bond and all his movies. But alot of people didn't know they were books. Mostly, because 6 years after it was created they began making the movies. Loads of people think Sean Connery was the first Bond but he wasn't. In 1956 the first book was made into a play. But a number of things went wrong on the day. The biggest problem was that the play was Americanised and they called James Bond JIMMY!!!!! The idea of calling somebody Jimmy Bond is the stupidest idea I have ever heard! In the space of 11 years Fleming wrote 12 James Bond novels and 2 short stories about Bond. The last books were published after Fleming's death. Alot of Bond fans know that Roger Moore was wrestling on top of a cable car in the film Moonraker. What actually happened in the book Moonraker is way more interesting and it tells you way more than the movies. For example, Hugo Drax is a former high-ranking Nazi whose side-kick Krebbs has the same name as Hitler's last chief of staff. One of my favourites, Casino Royale, was the first Bond novel. It was also the only Bond film to be filmed twice. Once in 1967 and the second time in 2006. I prefer the one in 2006. Daniel Craig took his role seriously, he gave up smoking to get into shape. Everybody loved Casino Royale. Every critic gave fantastic reviews about it, except for one. By a man named Hugo Charteris. This must have been sad for Ian Fleming. Particularly because Charteris was his brother in law.

His Diet

You'd think James Bond would love to eat fancy things like steak and duck with a hint of lemon. But for breakfast lunch and dinner all he eats is a solitary egg! He hates tea and he smokes 60-70 cigars a day. He takes his martini shaken not stirred, or shaken not shtirred as Sean Connery used to say. A simple meal for a not so simple man.

After Fleming

There were a number of James Bond books that were not made by Fleming because, of course, he died. But someone had to carry on the saga of James Bond. And that mans name was Kingsley Amis. Amis was one of the best novelists of his generation. He was best known for his first novel (Lucky Jim) in 1954. He was a big fan of the Bond novels, and didn't think twice before agreeing to carry on the series. The only Bond novel he wrote was Colonel Sun (1968). In Colenel Sun, M is kidnapped by Colonel Sun. Bond rescues his boss and the Soviet Union offers 007 a medal. He refuses.

The next Bond writer was John Gardner. He was writer from 1981-1996. He wrote 14 novels in his time. But even though Gardner was a Brit, it was still an American publisher. For example in 1991's The Man From Barbarossa, a waiter wears "pants" rather than trousers. Ann Fleming objected to Kingsley Amis, so God knows what she would have said about that. Good thing she died in '81.

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The next Bond author was Raymond Benson. The Americanisation of Bond was finally completed after it was handed over to him, a US author. He stepped in in 1996. In the 6 years he had the 007 flame he wrote 6 novels. He may have been a New Yorker, but he wasn't all bad. He did give 007 his old gun back(the Walther PPK) after it was taken away by Gardner a couple years back. In the 1997 story "Blast from the past" he introduces Bond's only son, James Suzuki, but Suzuki is murdered shortly afterwards.

In 2008(6 years after Benson) Sebastian Faulks took the flame. His Bond novel "Devil May Care" was published on what would have been Fleming's 100th birthday(28 May 1908). He not only returned Bond to his original era of the 1960's, but he also copied Fleming's methods of working. "In his house in Jamaica," he explained,"Ian Fleming used to write a thousand words in the morning, then go snorkling, have a cocktail, lunch on the terrace, more diving, another thousand words in the afternoon, then more martinis and glamerous women. In my house in London, I followed this routine exactly-apart from the cocktails, the lunch and the snorkling. Faulk's contract allowed him to write a second novel. He declined this oppurtunity. He said "Once funny, twice silly, three times a slap".

Back over again. The next Bond author was American thriller expert Jeffery Deaver. Perhaps the most notable thing about his book, Carte Blanche, is that Bond doesn't smoke. And again, Bond was set in the modern day. He didn't do much else, so that's it about him.

And just to carry on the pattern, the next Bond author is a brit. He hasn't written anything yet, as he was only recently chosen to write the next one. William Boyd is going to write the next Bond. Boyd decided to make the next bond be set in the 1960's. With all this time travel Bond is turning into Doctor Who.

Unofficial films

There has been two unofficial Bond films due to right s issues. The first was the original Casino Royale. The second was Never Say Never Again. I was just letting you know about that. Nobody knows much about it and its not really a big issue so thats it.


Just so you know what other people are talking about I added in this section
Bentley:The make of car driven by 007 in the films, instead of astin martins, lotuses or bmw's in the films.
Cameo:One of the air stewerdesses in die another day who is played by Roger Moore's daughter.
Cigars:Roger Moore's contract as 007 said that he was allowed an unlimited supply of hand-rolled Montecristo cigars while filming.
Coward, Noel:Fleming's friend and neighbour in was offered the role of the villain in the first bond film. His reply was "Dr.No? No! No! No!"
Exploding alarm clock:It was provided in Licence to kill. Q tells Bond that its guaranteed to wake up the person using it.
Key ring:Provided in The Living Daylights. When Bond whistles "Rule Britannia" it emits a cloud of stun gas. Well that's it hope you enjoyed my website. See-ya!