The History of Croker
Croke Park

My name is Killian Power and this is a website is on facts about Croke park and my experiences there. Croke Park is the fourth largest stadium in Europe with the Nou Camp being the biggest. It also has the largest televisions in Europe.
100th Anniversary

Croke Park is an astonishing stadium. It had its 100th anniversary earlier on in 2013. Since then I myself have been to a fair share of matches, includng the Donegal final.The crowd noise was incredible!

The maximum attendance ever was in 1961 where the stadium saw 90,556 to watch Down play Offaly in the All-Ireland Football Final. Croke Park seats around 82,300 people.
Mass and Volume

There is approximately 2,000 tonnes of steel to construct the roof of Croke Park. The area covered by the ceiling is 200,000sq feet, totalling up to 5 acres! I'm surprised the roof never collapses! The volume of concrete used for the stadium is 45,000 cubic metres! Stretched out there is about 30km of seating and over 5,000m of cabling and used for lighting.There are 116 turnstiles and additionals for finals.
The Stands and Levels

There are five stands in Croke Park in order from left to right; the Cusack, the Davin, the Hogan, the Nally and at long last the Dineen Hill 16!Each stand has it's own unique views. On Hill16 you can see all of the pitch. you can usually see if the ball actually goes over the bar or not. you can also have said view from the Davin end of the stadium. I have seen and watched many matches from various angles.