The Olympics


Hi my name is Conor and I am doing a project on The Olympics. Within this project I will be telling you about the great changes and about different interesting facts.

The Olympics originally started in 778 BC in Olympia, Greece.Though the modern Olympics began in 1896 in Athens, Greece.Back then running wasn't 100 or 200 metres, it was so long people died from the amount of effort put in.

The First Stadium

The Panatheniac stadium (as seen above) was not like the ones we have nowadays. Not only because it is made from white marble rather than steel and metal but it is a semi-circle !!!! This stadium still lies in Athens and is in great shape after 118 years!

Early Modern Olympic Facts

In these Olympics cycling wasn't in a velodrome it was outside no matter how cold or wet.

In the year 1900 Paris was the first time that women participated in The Olympics and crazy enough there wasn't even an Olympic Stadium!

Races in armour, or also known as hoplitodromos, featured competitors engaged in a two stadium-length race, carrying a shield and wearing a helmet and leg armour.

There were no gold, silver, or bronze medals in the ancient Olympics, just an olive wreath for the winner.

Chariot-racing was for rich competitors. A victory in the event was relative to natural ability, hard work, and a lot of money behind it. The event was unique because women could participate in the event as horse owners.

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Which of these Olympic rings are in the right sequence?

Where were the 1996 summer Olympics held?

Which sport is being introduced to the 2016 Olympics?

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