Loose-head prop- The loose-head prop is at the left of the front row in a scrum.
Tight-head prop- The tight head prop is at the right of the front row in a scrum.
Hooker- The hooker is in the middle of the front row he is trying to hit the ball back on his side.
Second row (two)- Clues in the name with this they're in the second row of the scrum and they add pushing power.
Wing forward (two)- These are on either side of the second rows. They don't add much pushing power but can break away quickly when the ball comes out.
Number eight- Is at the back of the scrum and if the ball comes back their side he can pick it up and run with it.
Scrum half- The scrum half is the first to a rook, he tries to scoop the ball out of the rook and takes the ball out of scrums to throw it back to his own players
Out half- The out half is at the side of the scrum half and the scrum half passes to him for him to either pass out to the rest of their team or run himself
Centre (two)- The out half has the option to pass out to these but if he doesn't they are there to rook over*
Wing (two)-These are outside the centres and run really fast to try and get around the other team.
Full back- These as the name would suggest are at the very and catch any balls that are kicked by the other team he also stops any players on the other team that break through the line*

rook over

-push the player on the other team away to try and stop them getting the ball after a rook.

The Line

this is your main defence with most of your players in it

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