Manchester United


Hello! Welcome to my website. This is a website completely dedicated to the football club, Manchester United. Manchester United plays their home games in Old Trafford. Old Trafford's capacity is 75,731. They play in the highest division of English football, The Barclays Premier League, and United have won the league 20 times. I will tell you about the history, the managers, the players and much more.


Manchester United was founded in 1878 but when the club was founded it wasn't known as Manchester United, they were known as Newton Heath LYR Football Club. In 1902, the name was changed to Manchester United. In 1910, they moved to Old Trafford. The 1958 Munich Air Disaster was a terrible moment for the club. Eight players died. Many greats were on the plaane including Bobby Charlton, Duncan Edwards and the manager Sir Matt Busby. The club's first game under the name of Manchester United was against Gainsborough Trinity when they won 1-0 and Charlie Richards scored the goal. Charlie Richards scored the first goal of Manchester United history but the highest goal scorer in history is Sir Bobby Charlton with 249 goals with the highest amount of games played with 758 apperances for the red devils.

Bobby Charlton


English League

Manchester United have won the English League 20 times. They have won the English League more times than any other club. They have won the Barclays Premier League 13 times since it was created in 1992, and before it was changed to the Barclays Premier League they had won it 7 times. Their closest competitors with league titles are Liverpool who have won it 18 times.

Champions League

Manchester United have won the UEFA Champions League 3 times. The first time they won it was is 1968, the second time 1999 and most recently in 2008. The most famous win for United must have been in 1999 when they beat Bayern Munich 2-1. United were losing 1-0 at half time and believed that they had lost it already. In the 90th minute Bayern still had the 1-0 lead, but United had three minutes of stoppage time to try salvage a goal. In the 91st minute, United scored through Teddy Sheringham. In the 93rd minute probably one of the most important goals in Manchester United history was scored by Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer. Shortly after, the referee blew his final whistle for full time.

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