Range Rover

Earlier this year the new Range Rover came out . It comes equipped with either a 5 litre petrol or a 3 litre diesel .

The new Range Rover is one of the best looking jeeps on the market . Prices start quite high at €150000. That is a lot !Do you think its worth it ?

Mercedes s-class

This is the new Mercedes s-class . It looks a lot better than its pre-deceser.They have a 3 litre diesel, a 5litre petrol ,a 3.5litre petrol and a 6litre petrol. They start at €120000.They are a beast .

Mercedes CLA45 Amg

This is the new model Mercedes have launched . This is its top of the line. This car is powered by a 2.2 litre that produces 345 brake horse power . This car is about €50000 . This can be a fun track car , or a refined but can be a business car.

Maserati Ghibli

A CLS competitor ? Or just a weird car . All we know is its ancestor was a fun unreliable Italian sports car .This is a 3litre diesel and is not as sports car like but is more reliable. What do you think ?

Ford Focus ST

This is a new Ford Focus ST , which have moves via a 2litre 250 brake horse power .It costs €35000,which is cheap for a fast hot hatch with so much power . It would also make a great car for the school run.

Audi RS7

Would you like this 4litre V8 speed machine ? This is a big 5 seater car given a powerful engine . It was a great design which means a lot to a modern day sports car . It will cost you €140000

BMW M6 Grand Coupe

If you did not like the last car I showed you , you should like this . The M6 Grand Coupe and the Audi RS7 are main competitors . Anyway ,this is another big beautiful car but has a 5litre engine and costs €160000 .

Mercedes CLS

Another option for you if you're a fun seeking business man . A 6.2 litre 450 brake horse power car could do the trick . It can look refined , but can also be a roaring beast . It will cost you €170000.

Chrysler 300c Hemi

Do you like it ? Well I don't . It is driven by a 6.3 litre V8 Mercedes engine from the 80's . It looks very refined but has a bit of a kick to it . It also looks good as a limo and only €90000.

Ford Mustang

Now this car I like . It has a big American engine that gives out 500 brake horse power . It has a V8 , witch makes it a fast beast for only €50000 . I would buy it if I could .

Volvo V70 R-design

This is a fast Volvo estate , that has 270 brake horse power in a 3 litre engine . It costs €70000 , which is a lot for a Volvo . But , it also is very fast for a Volvo . It is populer for police men though.

Volkswagon Phaeton

Want a cheaper alternative to a Mercedes S-class ? It has a very efficient 3-litre diesel for about €80000 . It price is €40000 less than a S-class but €30000 more than a Chrysler . What do you think?

Audi R8

This a Audi R8 spider , it is a 5.2 V10 which over 500 brake horse power . It will cost over €170000 , which is a lot for an Audi . I think it is worth it for such a hyper car . Would you buy it if you could ?

Lamboghini Aventador

This is fast , fun and a Lamboghini . What more could you ask for . Oh wait , it is a beast . It has a 6 litre engine , with 730 brake horse power . It does cost €550000 , but like the Audi , it is worth it . But only if you have the money to buy it

Ferrari f-12

Do you want a 4 wheel drive hatchback with over 700 brake horse power , well than this is for you . It will cost you €470000 , witch is less than the Lamborghini Aventador . I think it is better value if you are a millionaire who wants a second hyperpower .

Toyota gt-86

Finally , something to not sting your pocket so much . All the same , it is €40000. It has a 2 litre 200 horse power engine stock onto a sleek body and badged as a Toyota . This is a fast little Toyota that could be given a 3 litre engine next year . What more could you ask for ?

Viper gts

Ok , this will sound a bit weird but its not buying this car that's expensive , its putting into the car . The problem is you have to own a petrol station to drive this car and you need a lump of cash . Altough , some people do have all the criteria and €100000 you need to buy it .

Guess which badge is Cadillac's badge