Landrover Discovery Business

This a new type of Landrover Discovery that is a 5 seater commercial and has €333 road tax per year . It costs €45000 , which is not much for a 240 brake horse power 3-litre Landrover . You can trade a 2 year old 7 seater for a new 5 seater Discovery .

Toyota Landcruiser Business

This is the new Business edition that Toyota have launched to compete with the Discovery which is up above .It also runs on a 3-litre diesel that has 5 seats and €333 a year road tax . It has one big advantage , its more realiable .

Mitsubishi Pajero Business

Want a cheap alternative to the two up above ? It has a 3.2 diesel with 240 brake horse power and has 5 seats , €333 a year tax and costs €38000 . Its cheap , good and great for farmers . Are you a farmer that would like this ?

Mercedes Vito

A van finally . This is a 3-litre diesel version , the same engine as in the S-class. It has 250 brake horse power , costs €50000 , which is huge for a van , and €12000 more than a transit top of the line . Are you a millionaire who wants a van .

Ford transit

This is the all new transit , it's big ugly and a transit . What else could a builder want . It can have up to a 155 brake horse engine and can cost between €23000 to €30000 . Its still perfect for builders that flog their vans .

Volkswagon transporter

Its has a 2.5 litre diesel and is 4 wheel drive . Its got 200 brake horse power , so it has more horse power than a transit and four wheel drive unlike the transit .It does cost €35000 so it is also more expensive . Are you a builder who wants a fast van ?

Opel Vivaro

This is a new Opel Vivaro . It looks good , it is unreliable and more powerful than a primaster . It costs €25000 , which is more than some transits . Would you buy it ? I wouldn't .But ifm you own a flower shop it would fit in .

Toyota Proace

What!!!!!! Its not a hiace ! What is wrong with Toyota . Its a Citreon with a Toyota badge . Anyway , this is [ supposedly ] a the van to replace the hiace . So , Toyota decide lets take the most reliable van off the market and replace it with a Citreon . I cant believe this . Oh , and it costs €22000 .

To prove my point about the Toyota , I made a quiz , Guess witch one is the Toyota .

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