Liverpool FC History

In 1892, Liverpool Football Club was founded and Anfield was one of the leagues original ground. It was September 8th when the first Saturday of league football was on. Accrington were playing in Anfield but not against Liverpool, against Everton.

In 1892 September the 3rd, Liverpool had our first competitive match against Higher Walton and we celebrated with a 8-0 victory.
In 1959 a hero that changed Liverpool for years after. This hero was named Bill Shankly. After a horrible relegation in 1954 Bill Shankly brought us back up and made a great team out of us. he has many famous quotes such as "For a player to be good enough to play for Liverpool, he must be prepared to run through a brick wall for me then come out fighting on the other side." He retired in 1974. Later , Bill Shankly died of a heart attack.

On April 15th over 25,000 fans travelled to Hillsborough to watch the semi-final against Nottingham Forest. Ninety-Six people unfortunately didn't arrive home.Either the guards let in to much people or the Liverpool fans went to crazy. The 96 liverpool fans got crushed against the fence and sadly passed away.To remember this we have 96 written on the back of the liverpool jersey.