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Simon Mignolet is a great goalkeeper from Belgium. He came from Sunderland to Liverpool last season. On his first match he saved a penalty and everybody thought he was going to be unbelievable but he has let in some easy goals. He is 26 years old.


John Flanagan is a left back for Liverpool. He is English but he is allowed to play for Ireland. He has only started playing for Liverpool recently and he has been playing really well. He is 21 years old.

Martin Skrtel is a Slovak defender for Liverpool. He plays centre back and he is great at headers. He came from Zenith St. Petersburg before moving to Liverpool in 2008. He is 29 years old.

Daniel Agger is a centre-back from Denmark. He is really good but doesn't get played to often. Daniel Agger has a lot of tattos on his arms and he has a weird hair style. He is 29 years old.

Glen Johnson is a right back from England. I dont think he is too good at defending but he always runs up the pitch and attacks.He used to have dreadlocks but he shaved them and he has really short hair now. He is 29 years old.


Steven Gerrard is a centre midfielder from England. He is the captain of Liverpool and he has played for Liverpool all his life. He is one of my favourite players. He can't run very fast but he can pass it so far.In 2014 he slipped against Chelsea and we lost the lesgue because of it. He is 33 years old.

Jordan Henderson is a centre midfielder from England. He is quite good and he works really hard every match. He is number 14 on his jersey. He is 23 years old and we got him from Sunderland.

Raheem Sterling is a right winger from Jamaica but he plays for England. He is super fast and can dribble with the ball well. He is number 31 on his jersey. He is only 19 years old yet he is so fast! Raheem Sterling came from the the academy of Liverpool.


Luiz Suarez is a striker from Uruguay. He is so good. In 2013/2014 season he got player of the year and top scorer. His shots are unbelievable and he is quite strong, He is 27 years old. A lot of people slag him because he bit Ivanovic in the arm.

Daniel Sturiidge is a striker from England. He is also very good. People call Suarez and Sturridge, SAS and they are one of the best partnerships ever in the Premier League. He has a class celebration and he is 24 years old.

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