Luke Skywalker

one of the most well known heroes in a galaxy far far away is Luke skywalker at the age of 19 luke departed from the desert world of Tatooine to save princess Leia from the death star a giant space battle station. After the successful mission, luke, the mysterious princess a smuggler named Han Solo and his first mate chewbacca flee the death star until later they return to blow it up. 4 years later a second death star is constructed Luke over powers his father in the ultimate duel of good vs evil. Luke refuses to join the emperor after defeating Vader who is revealed to be his father and in retaliation the emperor unleashes a powerful wave of lightning but before Luke was killed Vader picked up the emperor and threw him down an electrical shaft killing him and redeeming himself. After this luke built an academy for teaching new jedi. Ben Solo the son of Han solo and leia Organa.

The empire Boba Fett Darth Vader

Question 1 (difficulty 2/5) who killed Jango Fett

question 2 (difficulty 3/5) what was General Grevious's flag ship called in revenge of the sith episode III

question 3 (difficulty rating 4/5) what number is the cell block that princess leia was kept in the death star

question 4 (difficulty rating 4/5) what is the name of the clone trooper Commander that killed Ki adi-mundi.

question 5 (difficulty rating 5/5) What is the sith homeworld?

question 6 (difficulty 4/5) how many sith can there be at a time?

question 7 (difficulty 2/5) what is Count Dooku's sith name?