Boba Fett

Boba Fett is the son of notorios bounty Jango fett. He is a clone of Jango but without accelerated growth. After his father was killed by Mace Windu he vowed to take revenge on the jedi that killed his father but failed to administer it as Darth Sidios killed mace in 19 BBY.

later Boba went on to become like his father a bounty hunter. At the age of 19 his exellent skill rivaled bossk Dengar and even Cad Bane. At the time of the jedi purge he took many jobs from the empire to find and kill rogue jedi most of his missions were a success.One of his most famous missions was the capture of Han Solo on Cloud City, Besbin. Boba was eaten by a sarlaac in 7 ABY

According to the EU (expanded universe) Boba managed to escape from the sarlaac using his jet pack and explosives to blow himself out. He then went on to continue to do what he did best.... disintegration!!! Acording to the E.U. Boba also had a lightsaber!


Boba Fett had custom wrist gauntlets which had features such as a zx miniature flame projecter, dur-24 wrist lasers MM9 mini concussion rocket launcher and a whipcord thrower. His blaster rifle is an EE-3 carbine. His iconic mandolorian armour can deflect light lightsaber slashes. The empire Darth Vader Luke skywalker