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My top 5 favourite wrestlers from wwe

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5.Dean Ambrose

I think everyone will agree with this pick.Dean Ambrose is something really amazing.He's Mick Foley 2.0 and he's damn well good at it.As of right now{Just after wrestlemania 32}Dean Ambrose A.Hasen't been world champion and B.Is living in the shadow of Roman Reigns.If they turn Roman Heel,have Seth Rollins return as a face and have Dean win the World Heayweight Championship all before Summerslam,what a main event.

4.Shinsuke Nakamura

Don't say I'm cheating,he's had a fantastic match hasen't he,with Sami Zayn,HASEN'T HE.

3.Seth Rollins

I'm constantly told i'm an idiot for liking Seth Rollins but can you blame me?The guy is top class and being booked under the mentalitie "well no one is going to believe this guy as a tough guy"except we will.Every is despreate for the man known as Tyler Black in ROH{where he was world champion by the way}to be a top class no nonsense face and as I stated earlier in the list,the shield triple threat is exactly what summerslam{the second biggest show on wwe's calender}needs.

2.AJ Styles

Well i just don't need to explain do I

1.Kevin Owens

I can see it now,you like Kevin Owens well i don't like you,well it's my opion and I like Kevin Owens.He is fantasticly amazingly awesome.He rocks,he just rocks and on top of that he hates people and makes people hate him,which in turn makes me like him even more because he wins and gets booed nearly as much as Roman Reigns.

And that's my list i hope you enjoyed and agree.Why not make your your own list and see how it compares?

My top 5 favourite current wrestlers outside of wwe

5.Kenny Omega

the elite of bullet club with the most exciting indy team in my opion,the young bucks,Kenny's offence style is a weird but intresting one that I really like.He's exciting,young and dosen't have plans to go to the wwe as long as Vinne Mc is around,what isn't right with this guy?


Ok for warning you,there will be a load of lucha underground guys but there just so damn good I can't help myself.So Fenix,he's really cool.I'll admit I disliked Fenix when he first started but he really grew on me a lot.He's just a style about him that is really cool and exiciting

3.Drew Galloway

I really like Drew Galloway I can't even put it words why.It's mostly down to the fact that he is world champion of one company and is damn well amazing and was treated like crap in another

quick quiz question to exercise your brain

Who ended Aj styles super reign in 2010 with the world title{Tna}

Did you get it right?Your only allowed continue if you were right.


Unlike Fenix I've been a fan since the moment he turned up.It's really sad but he's being treated like crap and it's hard to watch considering how well he was booked in season 1.Still with how cool he looks and how good he is Drago is one of my favourites.

1.Pentagon Jr.

If you don't like Pentagon Jr then i will hunt you down,kick your ass and feel like a pentagon angel type thing.He's so likable.Seriously,from the minute he debut I had found one of my favourite wrestlers of all time.He was insainty to watch and his storyline with Vampiro followed by his match with Vampiro were to me what modern wrestling should be.Match of the year[and not just in Lucha Underground,but the entire freaking world]and an amazingly built feud is what draws people in

Top 5 instantly recagnisable wrestlers

5.Hulk Hogan

Ahh yes,the man who once said he was a gay guy in the right place at right time.That is a hard senetence not to laugh at while thinking of the hulkster saying it with his stupid voice.He also went riding on a wrecking ball in a thong.Your welcome to all those people who came on to see John Cena and the Undertaker,your welcome.

4.Shawn Micheals

No wrecking balls or being gay for Micheals,except for that christmas segment with triple h.My mind is blank as to why this was consiedered as a segment that would "knock ratings through the roof".

3.John Cena

So this is number three and in case you didn't know his name is JOHN CENA.I rest my case.

The Rock/Stone Cold Steve Austin

So the reason there are two entries here is because if I left one off people would get angry so here The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.


Gong,Blackout,tall person,bruh.Seriously,most successful person ever.

and in case you can' tell this list was a total pisstake,I really wasn't bothered to do something better.

Drafting the perfect team

So this is different but it will be fun.So the rules are: Rule 1:4 Person limit Rule 2:No fictional wrestlers Rule 3:Any current wrestlers,any legends aswell. Ok so there are the rules,lets start drafting.

Member 1:So in the perfect group you want a midcarder,a main eventer and a tag team,so lets work on our main eventer world champion.(disclamer,this is a heel group)So,a good talker,wrestler and to be able to build people up,but can take the loss when it matters.This persons right in front of me,is he right in front of you?It's Edge.He delivers great promos,is really good in the ring and above all else,he's a good heel.

Member 2:so now the perfect midcarder to build up as a monster.Now we need a heavy to help edge so my choice is Matt Morgan.Matt's biggest problem is his promo,but with Edge that problem disapears.Morgan could dominate the midcard and be ina good storyline that would skyrocket his carrer.

Member 3:So this is going to be a tag team,so we need a really good one.I have thought hard and long but I've found a heel tag team,that can talk,and finnaly can wrestle,and they've and got to words for BEER MONEY See that word play with DX,did you see it?So Beer Money,one of the best thing tna has given to us.They tick all the boxes. So to recap,we have Edge,Matt Morgan and Beer Money


Jesus,Mary and Joseph,the brand split is returning and they're going to mess it up again.They always do.They have a great storyline and book it to hell.Will NXT serve as some sort of a free agency?So many fluffing questions{I'm not allowed swear or I'll be kicked out,so I use word play}