My dream roster


We are drafting a roster and it's great but we're capped at 35.Anyone from any timeperoid from any company.Oh god this is tough

My main page

1.Aj Styles

We need Aj as a top face or heel he is just a top guy and we need him

2.Finn Bálor

I was at nXt Dublin and did we cheer when Finn came out.He is just so amazing

3.Christopher Daniels

Ta da best upper midcarder

4.Shinsuke Nakamura


5.Pentagon Jr.

Cero Miedo


We love you Fenix,we do We love you Fenix,we do We love you Fenix,we do Oh Fenix we love you

7.Kurt Angle


8.Shawn Micheals

can't think of a joke so just deal with it

9.The Elite

Buy two get one free

10.Seth Rollins


11.The New Day


12.Mr Perfect

I have a mystery rival to put him with and you'll shall learn my of my foolproof plan later

13.Daniel Byran

Goats in Space

14.CM Punk

CM punk was fired on my brothers birthday.Thank you Vince,Thank You

15.Samoa Joe

THe mystery rival is revealed

16.Kevin Owens

Duh nuh nuh nuh,nuh nuh nuh nuh beeeooooooooooooooooooow