All About Hurling

Hurling has been played for about 3,000 years and was administered by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) and is the fastest field sport on earth.
The objective of the game is to use the hurl (camán in Irish) to hit the sliotar between the opponents goalposts over or under the crossbar. The net is guarded by a goalkeeper. If the ball passes him and into the net it is the equivalent of three points. In hurling you are not allowed to throw the sliotar to team mates it must be hand passed or pucked to them. The sliotar must be passed or pucked after you have taken four steps with the ball in hand however if the sliotar remains on the hurl you can run as far as you want unless of course you are tackled. You can tackle by shouldering or simply knocking the ball off the opponents hurl. If of course you tackle incorrectly and give away a foul the referee will blow his whistle and give the other team a free. Frees are taken by flicking the sliotar into the air and hitting it before it lands back on the ground. Sometimes when the foul is a bad foul you could recieve a yellow card two yellow cards mean you get a red card if you get this you must leave the pitch it is also possible to get a straight red card without any yellows for particuarly bad fouls. Each game is started by the ref throwing the sliotar in between the 4 midfielders and to end the first half the ref blows his whistle twice. To get the game going again after half time the ref again throws it between the midfielders and finally to end the game the ref blows his whistle 3 times. If the game is a draw extra time is played and if still remains a draw it goes to a replay.