Video Games

Video Games are very popular now with a new on coming out every month. There are many different types of games such as: first person shooters, role playing games and sports games. There are so many different consoles some that are quite old and some new. two of mte newest consoles are the Xbox one and Play Staytion 4


Games based on tv and other things

There have been lots of Starwars games such as Starwars Battlefront and lego Starwars. some Starwars games are quite bad but most are quite good. one of the better games is Starwars games is The Force Unleashed which makes a new story for Starwars although it is not cannon (happened in the Starwars universe) It is still a good game it also gives people a new Starwars story. This is done with a few franchises but my wo favourite are Starwars and Batman. Both add a new story into thy're universe