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James Naismith invented Basketball in 1891.He invented 13 of the rules used today but he never played the sport.

Bob Kurland invented the SLAm DUNK in 1945 and played for Oklahamo State in 1945 and 1946.

The Basketball league was founded in New York on June 6 1946 and was originaly knowm as the BAA (The Basketball Association of America).The league addopted the name NBA (National Basketball Association) after merging with their rivals NBL (National Basketball League).

An old basketball net!

The winner of the dunking competition 2016 was Aaron Gordan.

These were the first rules invented for basketball.
Initial Rules
• Games are 48 minutes long.
• Players are allowed six personal fouls.
• Every time you scored, the other team is given possession of the ball.
• Zone defenses are allowed.

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