Welcome to this website. Here you will learn all about keeping and rearing rabbits.

Keeping Rabbits

If you are thinking about buying a rabbit you will need to give it a good home, inside or outside. You will need to pick up a rabbit hutch in your nearest pet shop and make a comfy hay bed somewhere in the hutch. If you are only getting one rabbit it is not necessary to buy a very big hutch. The hutch will need to be cleaned at least once a week. Rabbits will take a bowl of food every day and a bottle of water. You should be able to get the food and the bottle for the water in the nearest pet store too. Rabbits need to be getting outside once in a while for a nibble on the grass and to get some fresh air. They will need some sort of enclosed area to run around but not out of your sight.

Socialising With Your Rabbit

The main reason people keep rabbits as a pet is to play with them (even though there isn't much to play) or to just comfort them. Usually new rabbits are very scared of their new owner and will try to hide. If you pick the rabbit up, sit down somewhere and keep the rabbit on your lap gently stroking it for around half an hour every day. After a while it will feel much more safer when you approach it. That way you can have much more fun with your rabbit

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