The Greek Gods and Titans

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The Beginning

It all started out with Gaia, the earth mother. She was the first goddess on the earth. She thought, "Wow it's pretty lonely here." Now, I don't know whether it was a gift from capital G God, or maybe it was the sheer force of her thought, but suddenly Ouranos, god of the sky appeared. Gaia and Ouranos married and had children. There were six girls and six boys. They were the Titans. The boys names were: Iapetus, Hyperion , Krios, Kronos, Oceanus and Coeus. The girls were called: Rhea, Tethys, Phoebe, Theia, Themis and Mnemosyne. Well, the Titans and Gaia were very happy for a while, but Gaia was angry about one thing. Ouranos was not spending time with her and the children, but instead he was guarding the sky. Gaia was getting more angry by the minute and one day she came up with an idea. She asked her children, "Which one of you will step up to your namesake and kill your father?," she asked. It wasn't one of the elder children that stepped up, oh no. It was Kronos, the smallest of them all. This was his chance to become the most powerful Titan of all. Gaia invited Ouranos to earth for a meal. As soon as Ouranos got to earth he was pinned to the ground by the other Titans. Kronos grabbed Ouranos' scythe from his hand and then cut him up into a thousand pieces.

the scythe Kronos used to kill Ouranos

Kronos' reign

As the Titans grew older, they got stronger and wiser. Now, I know this sounds weird, but most of the male Titans decided to marry the female Titans. Kronos married Rhea, Oceanus married Tethys, Iapetus married Themis, Coeus married Pheobe, Hyperion married Themis and Krios married his half-sister Eurybia. Mnemosyne was the only one left unmarried. Out of all the Titan couples, Kronos and Rhea were the most famous, so let's focus on them.

Kronos and Rhea

Not very long after they were married, Kronos and Rhea had their first child. Rhea was overjoyed, but Kronos was concerned. This child was not a Titan, it was a goddess. Kronos could see that some day this goddess would defeat him. "Why don't we call her Hestia?" asked Rhea. Kronos was too concerned about the baby's power to think about the name. Instead of answering, he did the natural thing, he took Hestia from Rhea's hands and swallowed the goddess whole. Rhea was angry at first, but eventually they had another child and again it was a goddess. Rhea called her Demeter. Kronos had other ideas and again hew took the goddess and swallowed her whole. The same happened to the goddess Hera, and the two gods Hades and Poseidon, all born to Kronos and Rhea. As you can imagine, Rhea was horrified by this, but grew to love Kronos again. She had one more child with Kronos. She named him Zeus. The second Zeus was born, she went of to the sacred Mount Crete and told some Nymphs to take care of him until he was older. Rhea then picked up a rock and wrapped it in some blankets and brought it back to Kronos. As usual, Kronos swallowed it whole, thinking it was Zeus. Rhea and Kronos lived together for a few years. After a while Rhea went back to Mount Crete and told Zeus about how all his siblings had been in Kronos' stomach for the past few years. Zeus came up with a plan to rescue his siblings. He pretended to be Kronos' slave. One day, Kronos asked for a drink. Zeus put some poison in with the drink and gave it to Kronos. He drank it and straight away coughed the gods and goddesses. This brought Zeus to become Kronos' enemy. There was a war between the gods and Titans soon later. Zeus eventually chopped Kronos to a thousand pieces with the same scythe Kronos had used to kill his father. Zeus then threw the one thousand pieces of Kronos into Tartarus.

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