Electronic Lords!


This website is for people out there who want the best of the best phones or computers, video games or i pads, and a bit of humour thrown into the mix! We will not only be talking about the devices, but also the people who make them. I want to mention Stuff.tv, as it's the reason I got the idea to do this website: This will take you to the website.They'll probably give a more in depth detailing of the stuff I'm about to mention, as I won't be able to give reviews, though I will talk about the electronics. How about we talk about phones/ i pods first.

Phones and I pods!

The iPod touch 7th generation has been released for quite a while now, and I got to say that all it is is a remake of the iPod touch 6th generation, and as I have the I pod 6th generation I'll be reviewing that instead. The great thing about I pods is, well, that it's great for music! If you go to buy it you get:
•Quick start guide
•Apple EarPods
•Lightning to USB Cable
•iPod touch
The iPod touch has between 16gb to 128gb, just like a normal I phone. The prices vary between €239 for 16gb to €469 for 128gb. The screen is 4" with a retina display. The camera is crazy: 8MP iSight camera, Autofocusƒ/2.4 aperture, Hybrid IR filter, Backside illumination, Auto image stabilisation, Auto HDR for photos, Improved face detection, Exposure control, Panorama (up to 43MP, Burst mode, Tap to focus, Photo geotagging over Wi-Fi, and Timer mode! WOOOOOAAAAAHHHH!!! That's a lot of stuff! It comes in 6 colours and you can get a phrase engraved onto it such as I can never repay you. But here's a start. If you order it on Apple you can get it gift wrapped for your significant other. The purple will also take to the website. Enough about the iPod, Let's talk PHONES!

The new Samsung S7 and S7 Edge was recently released and (according to Stuff.tv) it instantly was a hit, making number 1 spot on 'Best Phones' list. While I didn't get my hands on one I managed to interview a person who did! This is what they said: 'Recently with all the stuff that is going on in the i.e. ISIS, you really need a phone to catch up with everything, and with a lot of money to spend, I went for the Samsung S7, as I heard good reviews, and I'm happy I did. Being someone who never really used a proper "SmartPhone" I didn't know what to expect, but it was really user-friendly! Once by accident I spilt my water on it but it completely survived! That's pretty damn cool! Apps are much cheaper on Android than Apple, and calls are around the same. Thank you for interviewing me!' If you want more information This will help!

I Pads And Computers!!

I Pad Air 2!!!

The I Pad Air 2 has been released for a while but it definitely deserves a mention! By god this thing is light! Like seriously light! 437 grams of pure brilliance! 6.1 mm of god's work! This thing has 9.7 2048x15 Inch Display Resolution and a 3.1 264 Million Pixels Pixels Per Square Inch! It has 64-Bit Architecture, 2.5 x Faster Graphics than the original I Pad Air, 40% Faster CPU, and up to 10 Hour Battery! It has much better security than the old I's with the touch ID feature. This thing is so good, it has apps designed just for it! With the new smart cover designed specifically by Apple makes it feel more comfy, with a bit more features I won't go into here. This thing is definitely worth you time, and I'll leave a link to Apple right here! Onto computers!

Apple Mac!!!!

Dude, we're talking 5k right now! 5K!!!!