Are you bored of mediocre games made by bad developers? Are you bored of getting bad games as presents? Well, I can help you, just as long as you have a Wii U, PS4 or Xbox One! I'll be covering 2 games per console, no more, no less. And now I present to you - Best Awesome Games Near The Era of Ragnaroth. BANTER for short!

Wii U

The best game in my opinion has to be Super Mario Maker. The fact that Mario is over 30 years old is mind-blowing in it of itself, but now we get to take the reigns of making our own Mario level(s) is just plain awesome! I have made a couple levels myself, 9 in fact, and they're pretty good. I did what I could with the limitations, though there wasn't very much limitations at all really. This should be on every Wii U owners game library! I give it a 9.7/10. The only bad thing about it is the fact that it has no slopes, but that's just a small nitpick of mine!

Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS Another very good Wii U game is Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. The controls are so easy to get in to that I won first place on the second game that I played. There are a whole lot of modes to cover, but I will only talk about the ones I enjoyed the most. Now a lot of you will probably hate me for this, but I actually enjoyed Smash Tour quite a bit. It was fun and charming in it's own way, even if it was a bit hard to follow. Now of course the main thing about Smash is, well, smashing it out! And, just in case you don't know, you can smash with up to 8 players! WOAH! Now, this game mode is SO crazy that it's nearly impossible to see what's going on, which is absolutely fine with me, because you get really easy kills. WAIT! Question Time! Who created Super Smash Bros?

Okay, lets continue on about all the stuff. Trophies! There are how many trophies? or ?

Isn't it CRAZY! 716 trophies, add-ons, lots of modes, challenges, this game will keep you at it for a long time! this game gets a 9/10. A few things they do have to work on if they're doing a port to the NX, but honestly, they did an amazing job. But if you want to have the most fun with your purchase of €60.00, local multi player is the funnest thing ever!

Xbox One

The new (it's not really that new) Xbox One has been out for 3 years now (see what I mean by not new), so it must have some good games with it, right? Well I'm glad to say that it does, and here are two good ones!

Quantum Break is a game all about you having time powers from a time machine exploding. If you want more of the story this link a list of videos will appear and you can find out more story. The graphics are AMMMAAAZZZZIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No joke! You can really see every hair and piece grass blow in the wind, and those are the things you want in a game like this. The story is pretty good, but I find the lack of emotions that the devs put in for the characters is a real shame, as you don't feel anything when (SPOILER ALERT) the main character's brother bites the dust. It's plot slowly builds up until it just ends up repeating what you already know, but all the problems are fixed by one thing; The Time Powers (copyright). You slowly realise that the game play consists of a search for stuff, but being able to freeze your enemies and make Time Shield, as stupid as it may sound is extremely fun. 8/10

Every Halo game ever. Next!


Uncharted 4: A Thief's End came out recently, but by golly is it good! You could buy this game for it's graphics alone! The difference between the graphics of the cut scenes and the actual game-play is minute and the shadows and the lighting is also amazing. The people feel like they actually have weight while jumping, and parkour areas are set in excellent set pieces. While a brand new character magically joining out of nowhere may annoy older fans, I think all is made up for by just the stellar game-play. Guns feel like they have impact, a problem that others games have, and beating people to a pulp feels AWESOME!!!!! When there are enemies around you have the choice of coming in guns-a-blazing, or try a calmer, sneakier tactic. The puzzles start off relatively easy, but then start to spike up a bit in difficulty. The story is stellar, and with a return Sully this thing just got a whole lot better. This is a brilliant swan song for a masterpiece of a franchise! 10/10!

Fallout 4!! Graphics have gotten a lot better since the last instalment, and the world is MASSIVE!!! Enemies are weak enough to defeat when you just start, but strong enough to be a big challenge when you start to get really strong. Companions join you on your quest to find your (now very grown up) son. Weapons are AWESOME! Like, c'mon, how are you gonna say no to an ICE RAY! Armour is cool and you get a pet dog! AAAWWWW! A new feature is the sarcastic option when talking to people. It is HILARIOUS! From everything to robot racism to upright sass, the sarcastic option can turn that frown upside down! The story is great, but I won't spoil it, as it gives you more incentive to play the game yourself. The companions are great, their stories have real weight to them. I wish you the greatest of luck when you're facing against all the radioactive abominations the developers could come up with when playing Fallout 4!!! 9.7/10

Well I hope you enjoyed my opinions for really good games are really good consoles. I hope this may have helped you to narrow down, even pinpoint, the games you want. Well I hope you have fun with the games you get and the last thing I want to say is... KEEP GAMING!!!!!