The Fox


Foxes are often called pests due to their behaviour. They are very clever animals, and will often trick farmers. If they are in chicken pen, they will kill all the chickens, only to eat maybe one or two of them. Foxes like to eat lamb and rabbit, too. A few species are endangered because of this.

Foxes sometimes make sounds, and if you listen closely, you can know what they mean! Here is how to speak fox:

Whine: When a cub is hungry or cold

Yelp: Made when a kit is 19 days old. The kits' whining turns into juvenile barks and yelps, which occur heavily during play.

Explosive call: At the age of about one month, the kits can give off an explosive call which is meant to be threatening to intruders or other kits.

Combative call: For adults, the explosive call turns into an open-mouthed combative call during any strife.

Growl: An adult fox's intimation to their kits to feed or to come to the adult's location.

Bark: Adult fox's warn or defence against intruders.

Foxes can be domesticated and kept as pets, but once they reach ten weeks old, they become fearful of humans (aside from their owners/handlers, of course). If they are living in a house with domestic birds, they may pose a threat to them, even if the fox is well fed. They can be very playful, like dogs, and it is possible to teach them to fetch a ball!

A dog or cat can form a relational bond with a domestic fox, and can play with them, too. Although they are sometimes considered pests themselves, it has been found that they can control pests on fruit farms while leaving the fruit intact.

Red 'urban' foxes are becoming more and more common in public areas as construction continues in parks and forests.

This has lead to an increase in foxes being killed by cars and other vehicles. They are trying to live here because the area around their dens are being visited and built on by humans. Sometimes people complain about foxes in their garden, but from a fox's point of view, humans have built over the land that belonged to them.

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