Rugby is a sport played with a oval shape ball.You might have seen a match or too (my favourite Ireland vs New Zealand Ireland won 40 29 their first time beating them) rugby has been aroud for 80 years.In rugby there are 15 people 1 and 3 are props 2 is a hocker 4 and 5 are back rows 6 and 7 are wing forwards and number 8 is number 8 that is the pack this is the back line 9 is scrum half 10 is out half 11 and 14 are wings 12 and 13 are centers and 15 is a full back that is the back line. rugby was made by and English man called william web he made when he picked up a football and throw it to his friend.

In Australia and new zealand and south africa they play super rugby.

This is the cup

The best team in the world is New Zealand with England in second. England only had to win one more match to break a world record but the match was against ireland and they lost and the match reporter took it out on dylan hartley saying how does it feel to have lost the record to a rival 13-9

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