This website is all about movies. Here is my top five movies:
1. Bruce almighty WHY? Extremely funny movie with a great cast and puns. *****
2. Ant man WHY? Exciting storyline with a great cast. *****
3. Fast and furious WHY? Quick paced movie with exciting climax. *****
4. Concussion WHY? Enjoyable true story with great storyline. *****
5.Ferris buelers day off WHY? Hilarious movie but could have cut down on the swearing but still a very good movie *****
Here is my worst five movies:
1.Star wars rogue one WHY? Horrendous storyline with a cast of nobodies and story gap too big. 0 stars
2.Arrival WHY? bad copy of the original. *
3.Independence day 2 WHY? Poor sequel wit no Will Smith or Bill Pullman. *
4.Gremlins WHY? Plot made no sense and Gremlins were just plain weird. **
5.Hail caecar Why? Started ok but got bad into it. **


My favourite actor would have to be Jim Carrey because Carrey got 2 movies on my top five list.
I think by far Walt Disney is most famous director in the world. He still gets on movies even though he is dead.
But I also like Ben Stiller Considering he acts as well.


Did you know that actors such as Dan Castelano earns half a million per Simpson episode.
Robert Downey gets 100 million per every iron man movie.
Also Sylvester Stallone got 30 million for every Rocky Balboa movie. He has a net worth of 500 million.

Age:55 When he was born: January 17 1962 Where he was born: Newmarket Canada Height: 1.88 metres Spouse: Melissa Womer ( married 1987- 1996 ) Number of movies he has been in: 43
2. Samuel L Jackson
Age:68 When he was born:December 21 1948 Where he was born: Washington USA Height: 1.91 metres Spouse: Tanya Richardson Numbers of movies he has been in:55
3.George Clooney 4.Adam Sandler 5. Paul Rudd My top 5 tv shows
1. The Simpsons WHY? Hilarious show that has kept up its humour for more that 30 years. *****
2. Hawaii 5-O WHY? Brilliant version of the old one great action too. *****
3. Malcolm In The Middle WHY? Great show where every family member had its own hilarious problem sad when it stopped. *****
4. Fresh Prince of Bel Air WHY? Everything about it is good even the intro song. *****
5. Father Ted WHY? Every episode had comedy in it even ones when they almost died. *****
My Worst 5 Tv Shows 1. Wheel Dealers WHY? 2 annoying men go around buying old cars trying to turn into good ones they fail most of the time. *
2. Any Western tv shows WHY? Too old and bad graphics. *
3. Fair city WHY? All the characters do is yap about there problems all show long. *
4. Regular Show WHY? Makes no sense at all. *
5. Scooby Doo WHY? gets good for the first few episodes but then you get the plot bad guy is never real. **