Chelsea are probably the best team in the premier league because Manchester United and Liverpool are pretty terrible (being honest). They have won five national league titles, seven FA cups, five league cups and four FA community shields, one UEFA europa league and one UEFA super cup.This year they won the Premier League(2017)They have been a team since the 1800's and have never dropped from the premier league.They went to the FA cup finals and were beaten by Arsenal.Chelsea Football Club are located in London. They play in Stamford Bridge which can hold around 60-70 thousand people.The chelsea colour is blue .Chelsea have only gotten good around twenty years ago and have one of the best teams in the world at the moment.I hope you liked this short history of Chelsea and have learned a bit about the football club and its past, now would you like to try some of the questions below?

Chelsea Quiz

How many league cups have Chelsea won?

How long has chelsea been a football team?

Where do Chelsea play?

What are the Chelsea colours

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