France is a country in western Europe. It is a country full of unique traditions. The capital of France is Paris. The populaton is sixty six million, seven hundred thousand and more.In France they speak French. The religion is mainly christianity with sixty four percent catholic.The currency in France is Euros. The flag is blue, white and red.The bordering countries are Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany,Switzerland,Italy and Spain.France is surrounded by the Mediteranian and the Atlantic ocean. The French president is Emmanual Macron.

Traditional Foods

There are many traditional foods in France. Here are some.
Baguetes which are very popular for not only the French but many tourists buy them as a nice treat.
Crepes is a French type of pancake but a much richer thin type.You can get them for a dessert or a dinner. You can have various things on them such as sausage,chocalate spread, lemon and sugar and much more
Pain au chocolate is a French treat which now some people have it for breakfast. It has chocolate in it and is very nice treat.
Ratatouille is another French food. It is a vegetable stew. It has onion,pepper and mushroom.
Foie Gras is a goose liver pate.
Escargots which are snails. In some restaraunts they serve snails.

Fun facts

France is the most visited country in the world with an average of eighty three million tourists every year!
There are more people speaking French in Africa than there is speaking French in France!
King Louis was the king of France for just twenty minutes which is the shortest ever reign! He decided it hand the throne over to his nephew.
In France you are able to marry a dead person!
During world war two when Hitler visited Paris the French cut the cables on the lift so that Hitler would have to climb the steps to get to the top!
There is a coffee shop in France and if you do not say hello or please your coffee will be more expensive!


Paris is the capital city of France. It is a worldwide tourist attraction. It has a number of magnificent places to visit such as Disney Land Paris, the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, the Panorama and the La Marais.