Australia is a country/continent in the southern hemisphere. it is a wonderfully hot country with a lot of landmarks like the Sydney opera house in Sydney the Melbourne harbour Brigde in Melbourne which is the capital. Also Bondi beach which is one of the biggest beaches in the world Uluru / Ayres rock the great barrier reef which is of the north east of Australia which is the biggest reef in the world.

There biggest sport is rugby which they play is in a league called the super rugby league which has teams from New Zealand, South Africa, Australia,Japan and Argentina. They also play cricket which they are very good at.

Australia is known for its heat and landmarks but it is also known for its ancient culture. Aborignes are native Australians who live in the midlands and west of Australia there culture has been in Australia for centurys. There is many different Aborigne tribes all around Australia.

Australia has a vast selection of rare and common animals in every part of the country. The most dangerous animal in Australia is the brown snake which injects venom into the veins and can kill you in a matter of seconds its colour is suprisingly enough brown. Another dangerous but stunning animal is the Salt Water Crocodile which can swim up to 30kph and can eat a person with just a few bites. But one of there main animals in the country is the Kangaroo which are marsupials, its babies are called Joeys. They are very dangerous because they have very strong legs and have a very fast jab. Australia is also home to the koala which is a very nice animal which live in the high trees of the Australian jungle. In Australia there is many famous sportspersons and actors that live or are from Australia like Sia Margot Robbie Hugh Jackman Quiz!