This website is about Liverpool and all the things that have happened to them.The team I support right know is Liverpool and Liverpool have had some good things and bad things happen to them in the last couple of years Like the Hillsborough disaster and 96 liverpool fans died being crushed and the time they beat AC Milan in the finalbecause of Jerzy Dudek's amazing save to win it in 2005.


The Liverpool team in around 2009 to 2014 were unstoppable we had Xabi Alonso Mascharano Gerrard Suarez Carragher and Gerrard and the amazing Dudek.Over the years Liverpool has had a few managers like Kenny Daghlish and many more.The one player though everybody loved was Gerrard captain of Liverpool and England so many goals, apperances and assists he was all round the best Liverpool player ever.


Our rivals are Everton but really all Liverpool fans really really hate Man United because they are divers and cheat and are not really that passionate as Liverpool fans are they dont even have team songs WOW they must be some supporters.


This paragraph is about our best players from the late 2000s players like Ian Rush, Stevie Highway and Kenneth Mattison Daglish known as King Kenny he was the best winger for Liverpool in those days.


Know for the worst part of liverpools history Brendan Rodgers the manager he sold Luis Suarez the best stricker in the world and then with the money bought a bunch of reserve players we never will even play.We got 90 million for suarez and know he's Barcelona best stricker we could have kept him and we would be scoring more goals and playing better the years we had him we came 2nd and 3rd every year.


Next is the Hillsborough Disaster the 25th anniversery was last year and we came second in the league so if we won it would have been great honour to the terrible disaster of 96 liverpool fans dieing and unfortunataly one of the people who died in the stadium was Steven Gerrards couison.The next part is how the disaster happened becaus theirs alot to explain the first part you need to know is the head of police for the stadium were they died was an idion he closed of part of the stadium so that meant less room for people to breath and too maty people tried to get behind the goal and when they got in they were crushed because of unnalowed access but really they forced them in their to save money.Then the most annoying thing was the head of police tried to say the people that died were high on alchahol and died so only this year we found the truth he made the mistake and their was a case in the court and Liverpool got 3million for the loss but they think he should go to jail and suffer because the money cant bring back the 96 lives that family lost.The second part is the kids and adults that died were brought to a hall to be seen by their parents dead and that was one of the worst parts the grandparents and adults being seen dead covered up in ambulances and Steven Gerrards auntie got a phone call that her son had just died and was rushed to hospital and when she got their she seen her 12 year old son dead in the hospital bed alone.While all of this was going on police tried to cover up the dead bodies by standing around them their was an invasion on the pitch because people tried to get out of the stands and avoid being crushed. I hope you enjoyed my website.......BY SAM DICKER