Skulduggery Pleasant

My website is about Skulduggery Pleasant.The author of Skulduggery Pleasant is Derek Landy. He has written 12 books from Skulduggery Pleasant starting in 2007 and he is still writing them as a new book called Midnight is coming out very soon and if you're reading this, it's proably already out, 2 of them are not in the series, they are just from the world of Skulduggery Pleasant as the other 10 are in the series.The first book is called Skulduggery Pleasant and the second book is called playing with fire. To see the other names scroll down to my first table.The main charachters are Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkerie Cain (Darquesse) Ghastly Bespoke, Erskine Ravel, Tanith Low, China Sorrows, Stephanie Edgley (Valkerie's Reflection) and Madame Mist. (plenty more to be mentioned).

Who wrote Skulduggery Pleasant?

Dexter Vex

Which of these are not a Dead Man?

For people who read the books

Who ordered Anton Shudders death?

From the paragraph above

What year did Skulduggery Pleasant start being written?

Who filled in for the Dead Men when Hopeless died?

Try these if you have read the second page.

Who is the strongest man ever in Skulduggery Pleasant?

What does Skulduggery usually wear?

Who is Mr. Blisses sister?

What colour hand does Serpine have?

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favourite characters Dead Men name of books
Skulduggery Pleasant Skulduggery Pleasant 1-Skulduggery Pleasant
Valkerie Cain (Stephanie Edgley) (Darquess) Dexter Vex 2-Playing With Fire
Ghastly Bespoke Saracen Rue 3-The Faceless Ones
Dexter Vex Anton Shudder 4-Dark Days
Anton Shudder Ghastly Bespoke 5-Mortal Coil
Saracen Rue Valkerie Cain (new) 6-Death Bringer
Tanith Low Erskine Ravel 7-Kingdom of The Wicked
Erskine Ravel Hopeless 8-Last Stand of Dead Men
Mr Bliss Larrikin (Filled in when Hopeless died) 9-The Dying Of The Light
Fletcher Renn --- 10-Resurrection
Omen Darkly --- 11-Midnight