Hi my name is Kye. I am 11 years old. I live in Dublin in Ireland. I go to school in St.Pius X BNS school it's a great school. I love animals as you can tell because I'm doing an animal website. I also love horses and horse riding. I do horse riding in Fettercairn. I love it there. I ride two horse called Elmo and Angel. I love them both so much.

Home Animals

We all love home pets like dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pig and more. So heres a page that you might enjoy

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Farm Animals

Farm animals are sometimes hard work but farmers know how to keep them under control. Here's a page of Farm animals

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This is my page about horses. You might know but I love horses. In my introduction you saw I did horse riding in Fettercairn. OK enough about me here is my page on horses

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This is the quiz on my website. In this quiz there will be questions asked about my website. So try your best and have fun:)

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