Hi my name is Luke. I love rugby. I play for Terenure and I support Leinster. Our last session of 2019 finshed last Sunday. My other hobbies are Gaelic, hurling, swimming and relaxing. I hope you enjoy my project

Rugby is a contact sport wich originated in England in the first half of the 18th century. Rugby was first played in 1823 when William Web Ellis caught the ball while playing a soccor match and ran the whole pitch and placed the ball in the goal. It only became a proffesional sport in 1997. Before that it was only an amateur sport wich meant they didn't get paid. The first Rugby World Cup took place in 1987 when New Zealand took the title for the first time.

Have you ever wondered when the first ever rugby game took place or who played in it.Well I know. If you didn't know it was England vs Scotland and it took place in 1872 and Scotland took the victory. The same whistle is used to kick off the opening game of every Rugby World Cup tournament. It is the Gil Evans whistle and was first blown by Gil Evans, the Welsh referee overseeing a match between England and New Zealand in 1905. It was also used at the kick off of the final rugby match at the 1924 Paris Olympics. The Rugby World Cup game with the highest number of points was 162 from the match played on 4th June 1995 when New Zealand beat Japan 145 points to 17.

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Rugby World Cup Winners


New Zealand (won 3, 1987, 2011, 2015)


Australia (won 2, 1991, 1999)


South Africa (won 2, 1995, 2007)


England (won 1, 2003 )