Electric Cars

Hi I'm Sean and I'm here to tell you about cars. Cars go back about 250 years ago and are used regularly every day, but in fact only 1.2 billion out of the 7 billion in the world use cars. Cars can come in all different shapes and sizes, long for instance... short... big... small... but the thing is its not good for the enviroment that we have cars filled with petrol or diesel because of the fumes escaping the exhaust. That is why we need more electric cars on the road.

Interesting facts about E-cars

1. Electric cars come in lots of different shapes so that your not stuck with the same shape every time you buy a new car.

2. Currently there are 43 models of electric car on the world's roads today.

3. Electric cars have low maintenance costs.

4. Electric cars are safer to drive than petrol and diesel cars.

5. Electric cars are quiet and create minimum noise pollution.

6. The most expensive part of an Electric cars is its battery. But with more and more technological advancements, they are getting cheaper by the minute.

7. A hundred-mile range battery used to cost around about €28,400 in 2009, But only costs about €14,761 nowadays.

8. The most bought car today is the Nissan e-NV200.

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