Hi, I'm Timothy J. Finn. This is my website on Computer Games. I like trying out new games with my friends and cousin like Quantum Break.

The Best Console (current)

The best console is the PS4 than Xbox One because you don't have to pay to be online, and the Switch isn't that powerful, meaning you only ever get cartoon-ish games.There will be a PS5 and the Xbox Scarllet at the end of the year. But the Xbox and the Switch also have perks. With the Switch, you can bring the console everywhere, plus, it's really easy to set up. The Xbox Project Scorpio is the most powerful console in the world.

The Best Games

The best games usually have guns in them if you have a PS4 like Fallout and Doom. On Xbox, the best games are the ones with the fast gameplay like BattleFront. On the Switch, The really colourful games are the best like MarioKart and Super Smash Bros. For the Switch, a recommended game would be Don't Starve and Breath of the Wild. For the Xbox, a good one would be Overwatch. And on the PS4, There are so many good games on it, the recommeneded VR game would be Resident Evil 7.

Best Horror Games

There are bad graphic horror games that are usually the scariest. There is a educational horror game called Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. Baldi also has other games like: Baldi's 1 Year Birthday Bash, Baldi's Field Trip and Baldi's Unreal Basics in Education and learning. There are games that test your stealth like Granny and. FNAF is overrated and isn't that hard. Don't play it. Another game tests how fast you can do stuff like 3AM at the Krusty Krab.

Best Website Games

The best website to use for games is Miniclip. They have one I really like called Fireboy and Watergirl, but it's only 2 player. Another good website is, and The Useless Web. GeoGuessr is fun because you have to guess where you are in the world. A good one is Quick Draw where AI trys to guess what you're drawing. Chimbot sucks.

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Backwards Compatibility

The joint 1st consoles for backwards compatibility are the Wii U and the Xbox One. All of the Xbox 360 games are on the Xbox One and with the Wii U every previous games that Nintendo has made are on it, plus, there are even more retro games that Nintendo didn't make like Image Fight.

Best Console for Nintendo

In my personal opinion, the Wii U was a good console, because once you got a game, another didn't come along, so you stuck with the game you had at the moment. The eShop was so easy to use too. And you could use any controller you liked, compared to which fit your hands best. The graphics were good. And you could use USB sticks if you ran out of storage. No batteries needed for the Pro Controller. the only downer was the battery life on the GamePad was low somtimes, but other times it wasn't!

Top 3 Hardest Boss Battles

The hardest boss battle is Sans in UnderTale. To get to him you have to do the Genocide Route, which is where you kill everbody in the game. All of his attacks use poison. You always miss him when your attacking. The attacks that he always uses are bone attacks. At the start and finish, he sends you through a fast bending tunnel of bones. Then he uses the lasers at the start you have to stand in the middle, then at the top and do that twice. At the end he has a big wave of lasers. He also has a move where you move up and down or else you get hit by the bones. He has 2 powerful attacks: one is at the very start and one is at the very end of the battle. I mention his attacks because they are very sudden. If you don't want to fight Sans, you need to take the Neutral-Pacifist Route, which is where you don't kill anything or the Neutral Route where you can kill 20 monsters and don't kill the rest. That route is recommended because the Genocide Route is very emotional and you regret everything.

The second one is Absolute Virtue in Final Fantasy XI. He is an Aern High Notorious Monster and fought in Al'Taieu. He is the ultimate confrontation in Lumoria and only appears after players have defeated Jailers of Love.

The third one is The Nameless King in Dark Souls III he is a phase boss so he Phase 1 and Phase 2. In the first phase you need to defeat the Wyvern he is riding. If he summons Hawkwood, he will use a Black Seperation Crystal once the bell has rung. Summoning him covers Archdragon Peak in a massive storm making the Twinkling Dragon Torso and Head Stone unobtainable until he is dead.

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