February Fitness For Life

Mr. Gough's sixth class demonstrate this month's activities.
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Michael - Video (Modified Plank)

Jack - Video (Crawl to Pushups)

James - Video (Torso Twist)

Week Two Fitness For Life

This week, Ms Redmond's boys have 3 new exercises for you to practise. Eoghan talks us through how to complete a burpee, Calum shows us shoulder lateral raises and Sam's tutorial shows us how to do the lunge.
Give these exercises a go at home and ask your parents to join in too!
Go to Fitness For Life for last week's activities.

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Eoghan - Video (Burpee)

Sam - Video (Lower Body)

Calum- Video (Upper Body)

Week One: Pius Fitness For Life

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Daniel - Video (Squat)

Joe - Video (Plank)

Matthew - Video (Pushup)

Mr. Murtagh - Video (Class Action)

Above are three exercises including an upper body, lower body and core exercise. Matthew, Daniel and Joe from Mr. Murtagh’s 5th class will be walking you through how to complete each exercise using correct form at all times to ensure that there is no risk of injury.
The children of St. Pius BNS are being encouraged to give these exercises a go and parents are invited to join in too! We are recommending (in line with programmes such as Fit4Skool and Super Troopers) that the following amounts of time should be spent exercising each evening as part each child’s homework:
Junior Infants, Senior Infants & First Class: 5 Minutes
Second Class & Third Class: 10 Minutes
Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Class: 15 Minutes
This is St. Pius BNS’ new initiative which it is hoped, will promote increased opportunities for physical activity & healthy eating.
Each week a different class will be in charge of explaining three new exercises to all the boys in the school and these exercises will then be the exercises to be completed for homework each night that particular week. This promises to be an exciting and fun programme. Keep active and most of all ENJOY!!!

Junior Sports June 2016

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