Pius Podcasts

These short radio plays were written by and performed by students in St. Pius. Enjoy . . .!

Too Much Dye

A woman visits the hairdresser for her appointment. Her daughter is getting married the next day and she wants a light blue dye in her hair. Unfortunately for her, a new hairdresser is on duty and he's never done this job before . . . Written and performed by Ronan, Denis, Stephen and Shane in 4th class[2013]

Al Dente?

This scene, created and performed by Sean and Sean is set in a posh French restaurant. One of the diners orders vegetables al dente which means that they will not be well cooked. Unfortunately the diner doesn't realise this . . .[2008]

Dynamite 1

At work in a dynamite factory. Fionn gives his perspective! [2012]

Apple Pie

Cillian, Sean and Hugh wrote this play about two innocents who are accused of a burglary! [2012]

Dynamite 2

Stephen gives his impression of what it might be like to work in a dynamite factory . . . [2012]

Not Feeling Well?

Jimmy doesn't fancy doing his test so he pretends he's sick. It all turns sour when Mum is summoned . . .(Brody, Conor and Christopher [5th 2009])

Dynamite 3

Pierce pretends that he has a job in a dynamite factory. What could go wrong . . . ??? [2012]

Trial of Nelson Mandela: Report

Conor D. (5th class 2009) wrote this captivating description of the trial of Nelson Mandela. It was so good we asked him to record it.

Strange Words in the English Language

The sixth class boys, David, Sean O'K, Sean K and Eoin had great fun thinking of the strange foibles and ambiguities of the English language. If 'please' is the opposite to 'displease', why isn't 'miss' the opposite of 'dismiss' ??? [2008]